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Comic Book Spotlight

Twisted Speedo

"Stories about life, the universe and everything"

By Anashua

WE'VE covered some wildly addictive websites and YouTube channels in the past. We've also done quite a few comic reviews. And then there are webcomics. Called Twisted Speedo, it was created by Henrik Tomenius, a Swede who one day decided to start drawing long webcomics on the epicness of life.

His wobbly lined, brightly coloured comics are supposed to be about a guy wearing speedos rescuing the universe, but they deal on a wide range of topics. Some of them are heavy with satire and quite convincingly point out the irony in larger than life concepts like the 'Free World'; others are light with puns and pop culture references, especially Star Wars and Pokemon.

The comics either start out so normally that they make you wonder how he is ever going to add a twist to this, or so outrageously that you wonder how he will ever get these to make sense. But inevitably, towards the end, the artist will serve one of his famous twists and leave you laughing hard. Most of the stories have a dark, sinister ending, bald and sickly looking depressive characters or something fascinatingly grotesque and shocking, though sometimes he does give you something quite touching, like the child with cancer who captured the final pokemon.

So if you are the kind to spend hours pouring over the internet, guffawing over hilarious contents concerning aliens, robots, zombies, rainbows and Darth Vader, then this is absolutely your place. Just don't blame us when you discover that you are stuck in a tube-way without any hope of getting out.




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