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Children are always acting. Putting on a cape and pretending to be Batman or hiding underneath the sofa while imagining a war all around, the parts they play are very real to them. But what about children who take their ability to play a part and become a character in the spot light that is the media. This week we take a look at the acting industry and the recent decline in the number of child actors. We also have a very lonely tortiose on page 2 and a blast of Beta Writers on 7. Enjoy the whole deal while you discover ninjas in Bangladesh.

--Moyukh Mahtab,
RS Junior Sub-editor

Pizza Power:
All day, everyday

A scientist of Glasgow University, UK has discovered the Holy Grail of junk food: a pizza one can eat as breakfast, lunch and dinner and you parents can't complain about it being unhealthy anymore.

Professor Mike Lean - a nutritionist who should be made President of the World - came up with this gem of a dish. Considering the human body requirement of fat, protein, carbs and vitamins, he made this all-rounder pizza which will provide 30% of it in one pizza. So yeah, breakfast, lunch and dinner make 90%, leaving room for ice-cream.

How did they do it? Well, they used seaweed in making the bread, as a substitute for salt, bringing down salt contents. More red pepper was used to give vitamin Cs a boost. Add a few more nifty tricks with the toppings and there you go. Obviously that begs the most important question of all: how does it taste?

According to Professor Lean [there's a pun if ever there was one] and BBC, it tastes as good, sometimes better, than most of the frozen pizzas available in the market. You can check out some of the comments on their website given below. The pizza is going to be released in the UK soon. So we should have it here in Bangladesh in a few months. We'll have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype, taste wise.

Professor Lean isn't sitting idle though. He's already moving on to the next one in the list of junk foods. God, we hope it is cheese burgers.

Source: gizmodo.com, bbc.co.uk, www.eatbalanced.com.


By Munawar Mobin

"I text you at 7, you text back at 7:30, I'm allowed to wait till 8:00 now”; “Like this if you're supposed to be studying”; “Sleeping with one leg out of the covers”; “Can this onion ring can get more 'likes' than Justin Bieber”; “Talking to cats as if they understand you”; “My Uncle Mike”.
This is probably a good time to start explaining. Those are Facebook fan pages. There are thousands and thousands of them swimming around eating up space in the servers, consuming quite a bit of electricity and being liked by at least twenty of your friends, eventually popping up on your homepage to annoy and irritate the hell out of you.
Fan pages were introduced for bands, artists, events, companies, franchises, products and celebrities. Some are focused on events and are kind of funny, with a nice contemporary punch line [I was alive when Arsene Wenger made 5 signings in 50 hours; or the initial pages that popped up after the Royal Wedding].

Of course, someone eventually ends up making something like, “Like this if your heart is brocken every time before valentimesday” (no typos here, you can look it up). You wonder why God gave these 'admins' opposable fingers but no brains, or at least allowed them sufficient capability to use the in-built spell checker of Facebook.

Then there are the pages which just cross the line and make a little house on the other end. Every day there are more and more people becoming fans of things like “Clean Underwear”, “Fresh water”, “Eating and Sleeping”. These pages make you arrive at the sad conclusion that there are actual, living, human beings out there who have to go online and join groups to talk about fresh water, discuss sleeping and eating and to top it off, celebrate clean undergarments.

To all those out there creating/liking pages similar to the ones above: Stop. Log out. Take a couple of days off Facebook. Perhaps see someone about Facebook addiction. You are not alone. Our love and support go with you.

PS - here's a blog displaying the best of Facebook pages: http://faceobok.tumblr.com

We accept love, hate, stalkers and gunshots through our contact links below. Cake we accept in person.

TaSnia FerdOus
Help people! I got abducted by Doraemon!

It's a cat. Fight back. Take it out in the rain = game over. - RS

Annoyíng Ayon

Where are our mangoes? - RS

Mostafa Monowarul Hawke
An entire issue focused on gaming AND The Court of Owls? I must be dreaming.

Yes, you are. And since you are dreaming, you are infernally rich and can afford to spare some money for your favourite magazine so we can buy a Dodge Charger. - RS

Mubashshir Ahmed Saquif
Waiting for Thursday. Rising Stars, Y U NO COME OUT EVERYDAY?

In this weather? - RS

Speaking about Euro 2012

Peter Regal Whittam
I only wish that last back heel by Ramos would've been a score.

Repost of Welbeck. Not cool. Ramos already copied Pirlo. - RS

Line for Thought

Playing Shakespeare is very tiring. You never get to sit down unless you're a king.
Josephine Hull



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