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I quit my job once every week. Well, the intent is there and it's very strong. The roads, the traffic, the people who step over everyone else. Someone somewhere isn’t doing what they should be doing and making everything an annoying cesspool of discontent. A chain reaction of unfortunate and grating occurrences that make every waking hour taste like week-old bread without cheese.

But then things fall into place because there will be one or two people around who help get the gears rolling despite missing cogs. At work I have about 25, that’s my team of underpaid and often misunderstood subs, writers and artists. Sure you might have to hit some of them to get them to function. Makes one feel there might be hope. You find people who have the right stuff, treat them right or at least treat them food. They’ll make your day work. Most of the time.

~ Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Science Pfft: Destroying science one atom at a time

Dark Matter

By The Sceptic

You know when your fat uncle sits on the couch and it kind of slopes towards him so that you keep sliding down - objects in space sort of works like that. It's called the gravitational force. Every object has that force, but the larger the body the more things tend to slide or in this case get attracted to it. And that's how gravity works, says Newton. Total bull; by that theory the girls should be falling all over Jack Black. Wait, they already do.

Now we all know scientists are geeks and spend their time watching Star Wars, and one such geek with too much time on his hands one day went off the pills and started believing The Force was real. And thus Dark Matter was born. You can't see it because it doesn't interact with light. But why name it (so menacingly) at all? Because apparently something in the sky, that we can't see, has a lot of gravitational force and the existing planets and stars can't account for all of it.

So basically, the total mass in the universe that can be seen, cannot account for all the gravitational force there is. So blame on it Dark Matter. No, it can't give Darth Vader the power to choke someone and its believers don't use red lightsabres either. It's just a lot of mass in the sky that we can't see. But it does apparently constitute 84% of all matter in the universe. Yes kids, you can throw the adage of “seeing is believing” right out the window. Frankly, if it were me, I would blame all that gravity on them fat aliens.

Big Serious Survey #4

Who's bad?
Alternately, can we change?

We ask our readers lots of stuff. Often it gives us insights into the deeper meaning of life. Actually not. We usually get told that everything is Star Kabab. But sometimes we find out what our readers are like. THAT is often in stark contrast to popular perception. This time around we took on the belief that people, specifically Bangladeshi people, just won't change. People say Bangalis won't learn for the better, "jaat tai erokom". For example, tell them to throw litter in a dustbin, they will throw it on the ground - usually a feet away from the dustbin itself.

So we asked our readers what they feel. Are our people capable of change? Turns out it's not as hopeless as we thought. Street perception is no one is optimistic about our people. Our readers felt differently.

Agreed most people are incapable of change. They will continue to do what's harmful for our country, environment and image unless compelled strongly by a higher power. In this case, lightning.
49.4 percent disagreed. They felt people can change on their own accord. Show them a better way, they will take it even if it is not easy. Like walking five feet extra to throw the litter in the bin instead of on the cat.

Verdict: That was close. We learned that our extensively participated survey is now a hot topic in psychology classes across Bangladesh. More people believe Bangladeshi people can change. Of course Bangladeshi politicians don't count - we are yet to meet someone who says they will learn.

A letter to my love

By Farhin Ahmed Mim

You are the reason I stay awake so late at night, even though I am an O'Level candidate and regular school-going kid. You are the reason I keep texting and calling till, I don't know, four in the morning. I keep talking about you no matter what the time, what the circumstance. If I hear anybody, unknown and known people alike, take your name, my heart skips a beat. The best part is when I watch you. Watching you makes me anxious and I love how it feels when around two in the morning it is just you and me and the excitement.

So, if you are reading this, I am openly saying that yes, I love you dear Football. I would not like anything more than to rush out that door to Abahani Maatth or any maatth to play Football with some football buddies. I would love to score goals for my team and be a hero. I know I would work crazy hard to feel as awesome as Ronaldo.

I don't care that I'm a girl; I believe I can fulfil this overly ambitious desire of mine. But from where I am standing, it is quite tough.

But, no matter how pessimistic this is, just my imagination of playing Football and being an awesome footballer and making my team win is so full of joy that I will always want you more and more and admire you with every nuclei of every cell that I have. Hence, I declare you as the love of my life.

People like to talk. Apparently without issues. Not really a surprise considering our politicians. Here're some of the things they said.

Tahmid F Kabir
Hulk isn't in Porto anymore. He was sold to Zenit a couple of weeks ago. So he's going to blow AC Milan's defence away.

Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury Russian transfer windows suck. He left after we wrote that. Our mistake nonetheless.

Annoyíng Ayon
No, no, no! You got it all wrong. Dr. Doofenshmirtz would've said it like this: “Aah, Perry the Platypus. Your timing is surprising. And by surprising, I mean COMPLETELY UNSURPRISING!”

Hello, Doctor. - RS

Nazifa Tabassum (via E-mail)
I absolutely loved Downfall of the Diary by Padya Paramita. I have been writing diaries ever since I was 10 and I wouldn't replace them for any blog in the world! The thing about diaries is that, it's just you, the pen and the paper there. For once, there's no one to judge you, to provide consolation or share their thoughts. Just you. It's nice to figure things out that way sometimes.

And also, reading someone's diary is just... something I can't find a good enough adjective for. I once read my sister's journal cause I was mad at her (or maybe cause it was right in front of me) and found out something she uh, wasn't too happy about and when I told her she got so mad that she actually set her diary on fire! So that'll be one to tell her kids. I don't see a blog doing that!



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