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Wolverine: Logan

Reviewed by Munawar Mobin

Author of one “Y: The Last Man”, one of the greatest comic book series in the world, Brain K. Vaughan is back in RS and this time, weaving a fully blown-off-the-radar Wolverine story with Eduardo Risso on the pencils.

Blown-off-the-radar wasn't just some hip 80s catch phrase; this story actually takes place in a land incredibly distant from where you'd expect Logan to be. The Land of the Rising Sun - Japan.

Wolverine is haunted by the return of some of his memories and the ghosts of his past as travels to Japan, where he believes he will find whatever he seems to be looking for. The backdrop to the story is World War II. With hints of a romance between a Japanese girl and Logan, and with Vaughan at the reins, the novel is pretty great. His story goes in and out of the past, with Logan's memories filled in perfectly by E. Risso; a few shots having an intense similarity to most of the panels from '100 Bullets'.

For Wolverine fans, the book has a new nemesis, and an interesting one with an origins story which reeks of obviousness, but in the end is still pretty bold and brilliant. Wolverine falling in love is a sight seen every once in a while; Logan is no Romeo, but he's had his handful of women in the past, and this one just adds to the picture rather than creating a different image.

That's where Vaughan goes a little off track. He goes too deep into the part of the story where it's about Wolverine vs the ghosts of his memories, rather than delve on the hero's unconventional love life. However, the story is packed up beautifully and with a sublime sense of simplicity only Vaughan is capable of. In the end, a pretty good graphic novel to read during a lazy afternoon.


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