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So many statues in the world of heroes and villains, so much that they represent. So RS decided to compile some of the more famous ones and here's what we think they represent or the things they would say if they had a voice.

No cakes this week. Instead, we formed a new revolution. Check out the RS Facebook fan page for more.

The Rising Stars
Truckloads of cows and goats everywhere, no buyers. Quite the opposite of last time. RS should buy its own cow and move from cake to beef. What say?

Rifat Tariq Beef Cake!

The Rising Stars Beef cake is either a revolutionary idea or the worst one since the invention of the Segway.

AsHik-Ulquiorra Schiffer-RuHul
I couldn't get last week's RS issue. The hawker threw it inside the gate and it fell right where we kept our Eid-ul-azha cow! I overslept that day. By the time I went out there, it was already peed on.

AsHraful Tanvir Anik Hey, that's no reason to kill. Just for this you killed the cow today. How cruel can you be?

Muhtadi Faiaz
What should a person do whose aim in life is to become "The Rising Stars" editor?
Kazim Ibn Sadique First you have to infiltrate RS. The best way to do that is through its dark underbelly; you know, the one that is almost like a black hole for food. Usually, the gateway fee is cake, but for this season, we are accepting beef/lamb/mutton/whatever-you-are-sacrificing.

Fardeen Zareef
Hamba... HAMBA everywhere!
Mastura Tasnim There's some 'baaaa-baaaa' as well.

Mustafa Moosa Syed
There's no Beta Writers topic for next week?
Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury Take a break bro. Have mangsho. Ato lekha lagbe na.

Tahseen Nur
'Midnight: A Love Story' was awesome! Feels great that there are people who are 'forever alones' like me.

The Rising Stars Er, it was a cow and bull story. No humans were involved in the affection.
Munawar Mobin Don't worry about being forever alone, man. There's a cow out there for every one of us.

Shahjada Aswad
Is it just me or did you guys just publish the same book review from last week with a different name?

Zahra Mayeesha They just got a lil' tired, chillax dude.

Monalisa Munia
The K-Con drawing is so SCARY! I mean like knives and blood and cows and… and...

Aninda Nayhian
Somebody add me!

Who divided you in the first place? - RS

Wasif A. Hussain
I don't like your stories. Seems a bit “just for the sake of filling things up" stories.
Sarah Nafisa Shahid You mean, you don't want us to fill the RS pages with our articles? Well, you can always buy blank papers at the stationery store.



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