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Apparently children have vivid imaginations, to which some of us (theoretically) grown-ups protest vehemently. Adults have imaginations too, they just don’t have the same sense of wonder that kids have of discovering something new. While we dissect books and go, “meh”, they can read the simplest tales and be inspired. With Universal Children’s Day coming up we are celebrating imagination with books and writers, even when we interview a 10-year old child who has never heard of Aladdin.

This world is very wrong sometimes.

Kazim Ibn Sadique, Sub-editor, Rising Stars

Assassin's Creed:

With the coming of Connor Kenway in AC III, Assassin's Creed series bids farewell to a much loved hero, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Beginning with Assassin's Creed II, we have followed Ezio's life since the moment he was born, through his reckless youth, street fights, sweethearts, elevation to Assassin and eventually to the title of Mentor.

But when do Assassins rest? Do they ever find happiness and the peace that they hunt so tenaciously? Assassin's Creed: Embers is a short YouTube video series that gives Ezio's story the finishing touch that the Masyaf Keys gave Altair's story in Revelations.

It's a nice send off and a way to pass the time for those of us who can't play Assassin's Creed III till after November 20th. That and reading the review on centre, of course.

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle o' rum

By The Kopite

Whenever we say the word 'pirate' the image that flashes in our mind is of, well, Johnny Depp. But other than that, we know that pirates have peg-legs, a talking parrot on their shoulder and say things like “Shiver me timbers”. This week, we at RS celebrated the birthday of the genius who shaped the image of pirates as we know it: Robert Louis Stevenson.

Now Stevenson was a cool dude who travelled all around the Pacific knifin', swashbucklin' an' sailin'. Well, not really because he was always very sick and had to be around warm climates - but you get the point. It's where he picked up sea language to put in his all-time classic Treasure Island. Even now, it's a big hit with kids as is his other book Kidnapped. But that's not all. Stevenson isn't just for children as his psychological horror The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde shows. His work influenced writers like Rudyard Kipling and Edgar Allen Poe. Stevenson is the kind of writer you can follow all through your life and we thank him for making pirates seem far more entertaining and less murderous than they actually were. Have a grog-filled birthday, matey!

A celebration of children's rights

By Sarah Nafisa Shahid

Other than the 'yellow tide' trying to sell flowers at your window every mid-November, what do you think UCD's really about?

Universal Children's Day has been a global observance of children's rights for many years now. Yes, children do actually have separate rights which mean you can't hate on them for spilling horlicks on your new pair of trousers. Recommended by the UN General Assembly, UCD is celebrated to raise awareness amongst children about their rights, in other words, the UN expects noble elementary school teachers to tell pupils about the privileges the innocent children have by law.

Unfortunately, Bangladesh is far from letting kids 'know' about their rights because here the rights are barely in practice. Hence, for the last couple of years, lots of organisations and the general public alike perceive UCD as a way to voice out their support for children's right and abolish the evils of child labour and illiteracy, etc.

Whether they achieve their goals or not, one thing is for sure: there are probably more children in Bangladesh who have rights than there were before since Bangladesh just achieved its Millennium Development Goal of reducing child mortality.

So whoever's trying to give rights to these kids, best of luck! After all, children are the future of the nation. Or little devils who spit on you and steal your cellphone.

Speeches, rants, heartbreaks, losses, demands. We hear it all. Some we ignore, some we answer, and some are here.

Risal SR Sarker
We want a review of Assassin's Creed 3. Please hurry!

Sajid Khan
Once again SOUL returns to the White House! Barack Obama!

When will it return to the rest of America? - RS

Samanta D'Cruze
Little Tajreean did an awesome job with her cute spooky night tale. Kids these days are over the fence talented!

Anika Tahsin
RS writers have great talent to bring out their inner insanities into their writing!
Munawar Mobin Loco is good...?

If you are pleading insanity, hell yes. - RS

Mohua Mouli
To all those out there who are NOT my homies, "Really I don't bother." (Ananta Jalil style)



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