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With 2012 doomsday predictions failing miserably, we thought we would have a go ourselves with predicting EVERYTHING for next year. Then we were told we have only a page to do all that in. So we went all Mayan and left a few things unsaid. Also, comic con was a huge success bringing young people together and we’re eagerly waiting for the next one.

- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Road to coolness

By Anashua . Toon: Fahim Anzoom

Have you always stood in front of the mirror and cried about the failure that is you? Have you been purposefully flunked, refused jobs, stood up or made fun of by your friends? No more. This year, RS helps you reinvent yourself to become a cool kid. Here's what to do.

Cool kids are athletic. Now the easiest way to become athletic is, obviously, to use a magnetic bracelet which will react with all the iron particles in your body, bring balance to your life and make you great at playing sports. Famous athletes like Venus Williams have been known to wear these. They must work. And with your newfound athletic skills you will be constantly playing matches, where you are likely to get injured. What happens when you get injured? You take a science lesson from Djokovic or Serena Williams, and wrap yourself with a colourful Kinesio tape. These tapes will cure injuries fast, even if they are internal. Who knows why there are still highly paid doctors for athletes when they have these tapes.

Cool kids are tall. They say you are born with your size encrypted into your genes, but we know better. We have heard from childhood that a sickly sugary chocolate drink will help us grow taller than the rest. And now, according to the many ads on TV, if you wear a rubber sole on your shoes which will tickle your nerves at exactly the right places, there will be a release of growth hormones from your glands, and your spine will grow by a few inches, even if you're so old your hair's started to fall off. Just be careful, one website selling these soles warn that there are many fakes on the loose all over the market, which are 'just plain rubber soles'. You wouldn't want to end up with your money on one of those.

Cool kids are also lean. Exercise is evil, and the magic healers from all over the world are here to save you from that evil. Drink a cup of 'slimming tea' daily to lose all your fat and become socially acceptable. There are teas which will simply melt all your fat without letting you feel an ounce of pain, but if you need something more 'scientific', then there's a very special tea from the deep forests of Kazakhstan, which reduces 'inflammatory particles' in your body and makes you, well, less inflamed. Pair these with different kinds of pulsating objects to tie around your body, and your life is complete. We accept your thanks in advance.

World of Light and Color:
An Introduction to Animation

By Anashua

World of Light and Color:
An Introduction to Animation

What: Animation Festival, showing animations ranging from psychological thrillers to Beatles musicals.

When: Friday, January 4th - Friday, January 11th with two screenings, one at 4 and one at 6:30
Where: Dhaka Art Centre (House 60, Road 7/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka - 1205 )

Where can you get tickets: You don't. It's free.

Festival Programs:
First Ride on the Catbus: The anime of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli
Bitterfilms and Boon: The Shorts of Don Hertzfeldt
Government Agency: A Tribute to the National Film Board of Canada
Anvil Velocity and Collision Physics: The Looney Tunes of Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese
Clay, Pencils and Paint: Glimpses at World Animation

Further details will be available at the Dhaka Art Center website and the festival event on Facebook.

Dhaka was invaded by superheroes this week. Slightly blubbery ones, but still significant enough for people to be chattering away about them on the RS page. Other than that, there were the usual complaints, queries and rants.

Taiseer Ahsan Ran into Mr. Shaer Reaz today at comicon. Was kinda hoping to meet other RS members. Oh, and thanks for organising it. Had incredible fun!
Mastura Tasnim Dr.Who was there too. Sad that you missed him.

Sourav Barua Dreamt about reading RS and fighting with others for not sharing it... should I be worried?
Munawar Mobin So our inception worked. Interesting.

Preetha Haque Nooooooooo! Is it just my copy or is BetaWriters not that legible today
*rubs eyes*
The Rising Stars Sometimes different batches print out in slightly different ways. Sorry for that. But we are cheap and use only the best quality toilet paper for RS. It's great for spills, but not so much for ink.

Peter Regal Whittam Sharier makes spelling mistakes? Who knew?



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