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Beginner Level Lover's Guide Tips and Tricks

By Osama Rahman

As a new generation Don Juan, getting the person you love, comes naturally. However, you are probably not cut from the same cloth and thus need some guidance. Therefore, right before Valentine's Day, to ensure you don't get stuck without a date, here we offer some trips and tricks to the beginner lovers. Follow these and you will be swimming in red rose which you didn't buy with your own money for yourself by February 14th.

Step One: Initiate Love Contact
Initiating contact is easy but initiating love contact is hard. Love contact is basically when you let the opposite member know that you want to do more than just make friendship. The best way to do this is to send a cheeky SMS or Facebook message. Use colon p's and smileys, as these emoticons hint at flirtatious playfulness. Here's a message to start you off, collected from the legendary book titled "Love SMS Guide”: "If you wanna know how much u miss me of I miss u. Try to catch rain drops. As much catch that much u miss me. As much u fails that much I miss u…love u…" Notice the emphasis on the trail of dots; it means more is left to be said.

Step Two: Facebook Profile Picture Him/Her
Sending a Facebook friend request or liking their comments and pictures isn't romantic enough. Remember, girls love daring, spontaneity and ridiculousness. Therefore, to totally impress her, make your profile picture on Facebook a picture of hers, only. Not the two of you; just her. Also add some photoshop skills, like putting her in a field of roses with a heart around her and the caption 'Will you be mine, 4ever?' This will surely get her attention.

Step Three: Radio Dedication
Nothing impresses people more than hearing their name on the Radio, while stuck in traffic jam. So, if you know the object of your affection is listening to the radio, call up her favourite channel and ask her to be your Valentine and then dedicate a really killer romantic song to her. We suggest stuff like "Bukta Faita Jai", “Happy Lagche" or any classic ode to love, like "My Heart Will Go On". Go one step better and sing it for her live.

Step Four: Buy Cute Couples wear
What are Cute-Couples wear, you ask? Why, it's when you buy identical clothing, like a Punjabi and Shalwar Kameez in identical patterns and colours. You will be like two peas and she will love the idea. Going out dressed like that on Valentine's Day will tell everyone how much you love her and vice versa. Best. Plan. Ever.

Step Five: Propose
In love, there is nothing like too soon. So what if she is only 15 and you are 17? Propose her for marriage for later years and then spend the day telling her how you have the entire future planned. Name your future children. Call her Shundori-Pakhi Bou, which is a romantic name and have her call you Dushtu Jamai. In fact, wear those names around your neck. Life's short so make the best of it.

Now you will never be single on Valentine's Day again.

Expert Opinion by Naziba Basher


Loads of entries for this week and many were quite promising indeed. It's a treat when readers send in such quality stuff. The story below was great both for its diction and darkly cynical vibe it emanated. For next week our title is 'Wasteland'. Here's hoping for more improvisation from you lot. Stories should be within 350-500 words and sent to ds.risingstars@gmail.com. The deadline is Sunday noon. Good luck.


By Mira Yasin

The nightlife was new to her. If it were not for her 'new' friends, she would have never found out about it. Well, whatever the reason might have been, she was here now.

She chose the corner table on purpose, so that she could watch everyone's back while no one could watch hers. It gave her some sense of control. But of what, she was not sure.

She was smiling. Always smiling. It was more of a habit than anything else. Smiling made things easier for her. It was her way of sugar coating things. Lies into truth, and truth into lies. Whatever came out of her mouth, people believed it. Because she was smiling.

If she had to compare herself to anything, it would be honey. While the world found it sweet, she cringed at the taste. It might have been the first time she tasted something so foul. Disgusting. Revolting. She hated it. But she hated herself more.

The lighting of the bar was somewhat honey colored. A bit golden. It was nauseating but her face did not show it. She was always careful when with company. Either it was thinking for a second before answering or switching her wardrobe to mix in, she adapted. Going with the flow, as she said it.

The people around her did not even know her one month ago. New school, new faces. Everybody was looking for somebody. Good or bad, pretty or average, long run or short run, none of it mattered because no one wanted to be left behind.

In her world, everyone tries to be someone. And she has always been someone. As long as she was not an outcast. She sought attention, appreciation and a whole lot of love. Whatever form did not matter, as long as she was wanted. To mix in if she had to drink beer for the first time, so be it. Refusal was never an option, because no one likes a party pooper.

The beer mugs came fast. Service here was exceptionally quick, she noted. Before she could grab a mug, someone handed it to her and she accepted without hesitation. There were bated breaths and a phone camera to record the moment. Pretending to take a deep breath, she took a small sip and licked her upper lip teasingly afterwards.

“So how did it taste?” one of them asked and the anticipating look of others was not lost on her.

“It tastes like honey.”
While others cheered, she kept smiling without missing a beat.


Classics in Dhaka

By Shaer Reaz

Classic cars, like anything with the moniker “classic” attached to it, usually means they're worth quite a bit money. In Bangladesh, however, classic cars to a regular Joe means a rusted 90's Corolla or anything covered in dust and sitting on bricks at the local garage.

Our classic car scene is extremely rich, despite the general misconception about what can be considered classic. You'll find everything from American classics like Ford Model T's to Cadillac El-dorado's, to Japanese 60's legends, like the Nissan President, all lovingly cared for and kept in as good a condition as possible, taking into account the condition of Bangladesh's car scene.

They're not all garage queens either, as some people use cars like the Fiat X1/9 and Triumph Spitfire almost on a day to day basis, as these cars are meant to be driven around and enjoyed. Restoration is not easy to do, but some have been able to pull it off through perseverance and sheer willpower (not to mention a thick enough wallet). Props to them.

If you want a classic car as well, it's a good idea to get something manageable, like the Toyota Publica or KE70 Corolla, and get used to older cars without power steering and possibly rusted floorpans, before you splurge your cash on something actually worth some money, like a VW Beetle. Try one of the several driving schools in Dhanmondi; offered enough cash, the might be willing to part with a Publica or early model Starlets. Datsuns seem to be common around Dhaka as well, so keep an eye out for these Japanese marvels.

One last thing: instead of rushing to your mechanic at the first sign of any trouble with your “classic”, learn to wrench on it by yourself. Basic knowledge of car mechanicals required.


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