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For a person who can't seem to be able to move a single muscle on his body on the dance floor, I can actually appreciate classical dancing. It is a graceful art, requiring incredible balance and poise, while a bunch of people look at you performing. Respect to the brave souls who can actually pull it off.

-- Shaer Reaz, Sub-editor, Rising Stars.

Social Awkwardness and How to Avoid It

By Sifana Sohail

It happens in weddings and iftars and large family gatherings. You can only whine and resign yourself to your doom, dressing up nicely at your mom's narrow-eyed 'request.' Dragging your feet at the horror you're about to face doesn't make time go any slower, in fact, just to spite you, time seems to speed up, whistling as it rushes by. Pretty soon you're in the dead center of a nightmare ruled by It. Yes, social awkwardness has you pretty firmly in its grasp by now.

You need to escape, but you know that your mom, who's ignoring you in favour of the squealing “bhabi” like the woman in the Horlicks ad, will notice if you so much as inch towards the exit. Sighing, you beg for one of your friends to call you so you won't look like a desperate loner. That is method #1 – call friend so you can pretend to be totally absorbed in work, or too busy to talk to anyone at social gathering. It works pretty well, and can also be used as a tactic to annoy social neighbours who would have sent you pitying looks otherwise.

If all of your friends are busy or you don't want your friends to laugh at you for being the forever alone guy at said social gathering, turn to Method #2 – be a snob. Glance with disgust at tiny children running around, plug your earphones into your ear, become absorbed in your phone and look bored. If you can successfully project the arrogant aura, you will lose all chances of anyone approaching you. You're too good to associate with anyone, they'll all assume and you'll be safe within your own little bubble.

Being a snob can be boring though. If you've gone too long without vying for attention, use Method #3 – stalk a likely prey, preferably someone who looks as lonely as you feel. This method is dangerous, simply because it can lead to one of two disastrous results – your choice of prey may be... unsuitable, or they could shun you. It could also result in you spending a few good hours laughing, but the risk is up to you. If things go bad, make an excuse and walk away quickly.

Sometimes, your prey may be too talkative. Now, this may not be a bad thing. In fact, the chatterbox is very useful for Method #4 – plug in your earphones and let them talk. It might look like you're in a conversation (and you'll have to remember to insert a few 'hmm's into their monologues) but you'll be free of the pains of carrying a conversation. In fact, some who would look at you pityingly for falling into the clutches of their chatty relative might notice your earphones. Instant garnered respect from the younger generation.

If you're really looking to lose your awkwardness though, the only way to do it is to get involved. Offers of friendship and acquaintanceship are easily rejected – offers of help not so much. Enter Method #5. You could offer to help with the food, help with kids, help carry things... the list is endless. And everybody likes a helpful hand. Girls like guys who do more than stand around and yes, sometimes even the nice guy wins. On the other hand, cliché says that guys like girls who stand around looking pretty, hmm... But that's an article for another day and besides, girls definitely like other girls who help out as opposed to stand around.

So this might actually be the method that's guaranteed to make your social awkwardness go away for good, and win you a few friends in the process. It'll have aunties fussing at your mom about how good you are anyway and then maybe she'll reward you with not having to go to the next social gathering.

By Sarah Nafisa Shahid

Ruzzle came out in 2012, which in Android app world, means that it's pretty old. But who cares, because Ruzzle is awesome and everybody should try it. I could have more competition, so bring it on, if you think you've got what it takes.

The game is basically an app version of the famous word game Boggle, and follows more or less the same rules as well. You have to find words out of a jumbled 4x4 square of letters. The words can be found diagonally, vertically, horizontally, zigzagged, anyway that makes sense if you're not jumping or repeating blocks.

Sounds simple but take my word for it, it's bloody addictive. You need an internet connection since the games are usually against random online opponents, or your facebook friends. It's also a secret dating site for nerds, thanks to the game's IM service.

There are achievements too, such as Globetrotter which means you can play in more than one language and Hooked (I've won this one) which means you've played a series of 50 matches. If you're fond of word games in general, you will absolutely love this!

A lot was said this week from our usually talkative readers. Appropriately enough, people did express themselves on Mother's Language Day, whether they made sense or not is another matter. Here's what was said:

Risal SR Sarker- The Oscar is only hours away. Who do you think will win?

The Rising Stars- Pokemon Black And White 2. You heard it here first, folks.
Kidwa Arif- You guys missed out 'whatever' as a word of the female vocabulary.

Ahmad Ibrahim- Whatever, dude. There, I said it. Your argument is invalid.

Masrur Khan Annan- Bangla is our emblem, yet it is less recognised across our land.I mean culturewise.It's a pity.Most teens are impringed with bollywood songs so much these days,that they now regard Bangla songs not suitable for any festivals potentially.
Munawar Mobin- But the true bangalis know that "Melae Jaire" is suitable for any festival, Mela or not, and that soothes my soul.

Samantha D'Cruze- Did RS take part in the Shahabag protest?
Ahmad Ibrahim- RS offices are sadly fixed firmly into the ground. Annoyingly enough, they don't even move during earthquakes. So, no. It couldn't go to Shahbagh.

Rifayat Raisa- "Now as retarded as it sounds, the addition of the word 'much', in the instances described, is actually frequently used, ending in high-fives. It's a really stupid thing to do, especially if you are a boy."

Nafisa Nowshin Piya- It's great to see you guys finally doing a bangla comic book review. Hey,can you guys do a review on Tintin?

The Rising Star- We have covered Tintin before but he's so awesome, we don't mind doing it again. Watch this space



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