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     Volume 1 Issue 1 | July 8, 2006 |


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Journy through Bangldesh

Mushroom Cultivation

By Mirza Annita Orin from Tangail

Mushroom cultivation is gaining popularity in Tangail. Many unemployed youths in the district are showing interest in its cultivation.
Mushroom is a vegetable which is highly nutritious, tasty and has
medicinal qualities.

It contains 25-35 per cent protein, 57-70 per cent vitamin and minerals, 5-6
per cent fat and 4-6 per cent glucose, which strengthen the immune system
of human body.
Mushroom, experts say, helps to cure high blood pressure, diabetes, gastric, jaundice and heart diseases.

About 2,000 varieties of mushroom are found in the world, six of them are eatable. Of the six, only Oyster Hybrid variety mushroom is cultivated in Bangladesh.

Himel Mushroom Cultivation Project has started mushroom seed (spawn) production recently. The project was inaugurated on August 17, 2005 in Kodalia area in Tangail town. The Deputy Director of the district Agriculture Extension Department (AED), Mr. Fazlul Karim and the Director (Food Crop Wing) of AED, Mr. Abdul Mannan were present at the inauguration.

Mirza Morsheda Akter Lipi, Director of Himel Mushroom Cultivation project and member of Bangladesh Mushroom Foundation, says “Earlier mushroom farmers of Tangail had to bring seeds (spawn) from Mushroom Cultivation Project in Savar, Dhaka.”
”This was very costly. Our project has been launched to supply seeds at
cheaper rates”, she adds.

Lipi, trained in mushroom cultivation also says, “People's conception about
mushroom is changing. Its cultivation will soon be a profitable business as people are now showing interest in food items produced from it.”
"Many unemployed people now-a-days show interest in mushroom cultivation, but their main problem is getting training and funding," says Mirza Lipi.

This is a good venture, and we sincerely hope that through government and private initiative mushroom cultivation in Bangladesh would progress further.

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