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     Volume 1 Issue 1 | July 8, 2006 |


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The Story section aims at entertaining the readers with language that often takes different forms in a short story, poem or a play. There will be stories, fables, tales and poems or short plays from home and far away places that will help us not only to see the various nuances of the language, but also to know and understand other peoples and other cultures. You can also call it an aid to creative writing.

Hojja’s Tales

Here are two well-known stories about Nasiruddin Hojja.
Hojja was born in Turkey some time in the 13th century but he moved to Iran because of the tyrannical overzealousness of the orthodox mullahs of his homeland. In Iran Hojja's genius, particularly his wit and humour, was greatly appreciated by the ruler of the land who warmly welcomed him in his court.
In all probability Nasiruddin Hojja returned to Turkey at a later date because we know about his grave in the Turkish city of Akshohir where he was born.
Hojja's stories have been translated into various languages of the world. His stories are not only funny and witty, but are also replete with tough common sense and rich wisdom.

You see, I was inside it

One night there was a great deal of noise at Hojja's home. Hojja and his wife were quarrelling like mad. After considerable shouts and screams there was a big sound of something heavy falling down. And then everything grew quiet.

Next morning a neighbour approached Hojja and wanted to know what the matter was. Hojja told him that it was a mere trifle, a minor argument between husband and wife.

The neighbour said, But I heard a big noise of something falling and then everything became quiet. What was it?

Hojja said, Oh, it was my cloak. In her anger she had thrown it out of the window.

The neighbour said, Come on, Hojja, don't be absurd. How could a mere cloak make such big noise?

Hojja replied, You see, when she hurled the cloak out I was inside it.

He Might Fancy You

Hojja's last hour was come. His wife sat by his bed with tearful eyes. Hojja looked at her and managed to murmur, Wife, why are you in such shabby clothes? Go and dress up nicely.

Hojja's wife wept and said, What are you saying? How can I put on nice clothes and make myself look pretty when you are about to die?

Hojja said, I have a reason to ask you to do it, dear wife. You know, the angel of death will be here any moment now. If he sees you all dressed up and looking beautiful he might decide to take you back with him instead of me.

With these words the ever fun-loving Hojja closed his eyes for good.


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