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     Volume 1 Issue 2 | July 22, 2006 |


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Finding Home

Brahmaputro and Kapatakkho

While all the children were playing, Willy was standing in a corner all alone. He kept thinking:

"Oh God, I don't want to stay here. Give me back my parents! If I get my parents back I will never bother them again. I will even stop asking them for chocolates if I had to. I would go with them to Disneyland only on Sunday. Please, God, send them back to me quickly!"

This is the story of Willy Peterson, a six-year-old boy who lived in an orphanage in Adelaide, Australia. When Willy was three, he lost his parents in a road accident. After his parents' death Willy had to live in an orphanage but he didn't feel good about his new 'home.' Willy wanted to go on living with his parents.

Willy prayed every day for his wish. After some times, on a fine morning, one Mrs. Christina, an African-American woman came to visit the orphanage. She stayed at the orphanage all day long and played with all the children. After returning to her hotel that night, she couldn't stop thinking about Willy. She sensed that he was a special boy. She decided to adopt him and took him with her to her home in Los Angeles, California.

The next morning she went to the orphanage. She saw all the children praying with Father Michael. After the prayers she had a long conversation with Father Michael about Willy's adoption. He was delighted to hear such news because he knew Willy would be happy to live with a new family. Willy didn't like the orphanage.

After his discussion with Mrs. Christina, Father Michael requested Willy to come to his office room. He introduced Willy to Mrs. Christina and said:

"Willy, she is your new mother!"

Willy began to cry with joy and thanked God for this. Mrs. Christina approached Willy, hugged him, gave him a kiss and said:

"Now, you can call me mama."

After all the formalities and paperwork for his adoption were completed, Willy started a new life with his mother Christina in Los Angeles.

Willy was very happy in America. Willy started attending school regularly. Every Sunday he would travel to different places. Willy enjoyed going to Disneyland a lot. His mother Christina would always tell him funny stories before going to sleep. This is how Willy and his mother spent most of their time. It was such a happy moment in their lives !

Three years after Christina adopted Willy, she unexpectedly died in a plane crash while heading to New York for her business purposes. This was heart-breaking news for Willy. Willy felt that he lost his mother for the second time in his life.

His mother's death meant a drastic change for Willy. Friends of Mrs. Christina could not do much for this poor boy. They offered Willy two choices: he could go to an orphanage in Los Angeles or he could return to the orphanage in Adelaide where he had spent three years of his life.

Willy decided to go back to the orphanage in Adelaide. Mrs. Christina's friends were more than happy to arrange the plane tickets for Willy so he could safely return to his homeland.

On the plane from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Willy was sitting next to a tall young man in his late twenties named Tommy. Willy had a great impression of this man who was sitting beside him. He was very curious about this man. Willy found it amusing to imitate the tall young man. If Tommy picked up a magazine, Willy would also pick up a magazine. If Tommy put his headphones on, Willy would put his headphones on too. Willy was thinking to himself that if this unknown tall young man whom he likes very much spoke to him, he would be thrilled.

While lunch was served on the plane, Willy had great difficulty cutting his chicken. Tommy kindly offered to help Willy since he saw that the little boy couldn't manage it by himself. Willy was glad that this young man spoke to him for the first time. After arriving in Tokyo, Willy had to wait 6 hours at the airport before taking his connecting flight to Sydney. At the airport, Willy began to worry as he thought he would have to spend the rest of his trip all alone because Tommy wouldn't be sitting next to him anymore.

Waiting at the terminal one hour before his flight to Sydney, Tommy sat next to Willy while talking on his mobile with his girlfriend. Little Willy was extremely happy to see Tommy again.

Suddenly, Willy had to go to the toilet. As he couldn't find the way to the nearest public toilet, he asked Tommy to help him and said:

"Please help me, Sir. I want to go to the toilet but I don't know where it is."

Tommy replied:
"Come with me.

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