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     Volume 1 Issue 3 | August 5, 2006 |


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Guru Griho

From Bogra
A Successful Seat of knowledge

Md.Mahbur Rahman

Bogra Zilla School, the most reputed school in northern Bangladesh has a long history of pride and enlightenment. It was established in 1853 during the British rule. Since then Bogra Zilla School has contributed a lot to the development and spread of knowledge. It has given us many scholars, patriots, diplomats, law-makers, engineers, scientists, doctors, litterateurs who played a vital role during the critical times of the country. They have left their impact on every stage from anti-British movement to the present times.

The name of the founder Headmaster of Bogra Zilla School cannot be traced because of the remote past. The second headmaster of the school was Babu Bhogowati Charon Ghosh.The school was nationalised from the beginning by the British Government. At present the school is being run in two shifts. There are about two thousand students in total. Fifty learned and devoted teachers are engaged in teaching here. The school does not lack any infra structural facilities. The present headmaster Md. Shafiqur Rahman says, "We don't have any problem in that area. There are enough class rooms for the students. Besides, it has a mosque, an auditorium called Aminul Haque Dulal Auditorium, a

Headmaster Md. Shafiqur Rahman

student hostel and a rich library. The library is well stocked with books on a wide range of subjects, and the seating arrangements inside are good. The school has three school buses, too, for commuting the students from their homes to the school and back.

Bogra Zilla School has a well founded history of continued success both in S.S.C and in Scholarship examinations. This year 240 students sat for the S.S.C exam. Of them one hundred and twenty students got GPA-5, one hundred and nine students got A grade and, no student has failed. In the junior scholarship exam, Bogra Zilla School has an envious record. "This year our school has captured all the talent pool scholarships”, says the head teacher with pride. The students of Bogra Zilla School are very enterprising in extracurricular activities. The school scouts have won many national prizes. It has a students' body called the Red Crescent Society. Inter-class debate competitions, speech competitions etc. are regularly held to make the students articulate and out going in nature.

We asked the headmaster, “What lies cause behind the good result of the students?" to which he replied jokingly, “We are not going to disclose the secret to others." As a matter of fact, discipline, strict principles of the learned teachers as wellas their hard work are behind the bright result of the school. The students of the school are proud to be a part of a long history of continued success.

Ayman Majid Nahin, a meritorious student of class eight says, "I am happy and proud of being a student of the school." Bogra Zilla School has enlightened a lot, and produced many great personalities like the Late President Ziaur Rahman, the Language movement fighter Gaziul Haque, Justice Sayed Mahbub Morshed, and well known writers such as, Humayun Ahmed, Aktarruzzaman Elias, Dr. Mohammed Zafar Iqbal, High Commissioner A.H Mofazzol Karim, General secretary of SAARC Q.A.M.A Rahim, archeologist Dr.Anamul Haque, footballer Alfaz Uddin and many others. In fact, Bogra Zilla School has given birth to so many great personalities that it is difficult to enlist them all here. The head teacher says, "Bogra Zilla School will continue the tradition of producing the great.”

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