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     Volume 1 Issue 6 | September 16, 2006 |


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Shall We Play Chess or Go Fishing?

In our every day conversation we often talk about things we do in our free time. We talk of activities or sports that we love to do or play. Here are some dialogues where people talk about such activities.

A. Alok : What do you do in your free time?
Rabbi : I usually play table-tennis. But if the weather is good I sometimes go walking. In summer, when it's too hot I often go swimming in
the river. What about you? How do you spend your leisure time?
Alok : Oh, I love to go fishing. My brother and I often go fishing in our
village pond.
B. Interviewer : Excuse me, I'm from the weekly magazine The City. We're planning a special issue on how people spend their free time.
Will you be willing to answer some questions?
Man : Well, yes. Ok.
Interviewer : Would you tell us how you spend your leisure time, Sir?
Man : I play chess, but sometimes I go cycling for miles
along the country road.
Interviewer : Thank you, sir.
C. Kajol : What a lovely day! Shall we play cricket?
Rafiq : No, let's go rowing in the river!
Monu : Oh, we haven't gone kite-flying for a long time. Let's
go kite-flying
Kajol : Well, well ... we can't do every thing at a time. We can either
play cricket, or go rowing or kite-flying. Shall we put these
to vote?
D. : I want to lose some weight. I've already been on diet-control
since last week but I don't think there has been any change.
What shall I do?
: I think you should do some skipping every day.
: Come, join our club. If you do karate or judo regularly, you'll lose all your extra fat soon.
: I don't know, some one was suggesting that I should start doing 'yoga'. I think I'll start to play tennis.
People play football People go swimming
ha-du-du sailing
tennis diving
hockey horse-riding
cricket skiing
rowing etc.
E. Sunil : Can you sing, Ruhi?
Ruhi : No, I can't, but I can play the violin. Can you sing?
Sunil : Not I. But I'm learning to play the tabla.
Azad : Hey! I've an idea! Aysha and Babul can sing and I don't play the flute too badly. Let's do a concert! Ruhi and Sunil : Great idea!
F. Mrs. Rina Munshi : Do you know the Abrahams?
Mrs. Asha Islam : Our new neighbours? Well, we just met once.
Rina : Do you know that on Friday evening Mr. Abraham
plays the piano while his wife does ballet in the
International Music and Dance School?
We play the piano go bird-watching do karate
violin flower-picking judo
flute dancing ballet
drums or tabla Flying yoga
sitar etc. skipping

Exercise: Talk about what you like or would like to do in your leisure time. You can use some of the following hints if you want. Use 'play', 'go' or 'do' as needed.
carom, dancing, painting, basketball, guitar, hunting,
sewing, bicycle riding, yoga, harmonica, swimming, etc.

Can you find answers to these Riddles?

What kind of scale is not found on a fish? A ____________.
When is a person who is “bound” not tied up? When he is __________.
When is lumber of no use to a carpenter? When it means _____________.
When is it hard to walk with a cane? When it is part of _____________.

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