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     Volume 1 Issue 7 | September 30 , 2006 |


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Behind the Scene

From Jessore
Tribute To A Mother
Rajia Jahan & Syed Kutub Uddin

Let us tell you a story. Syeda Chanda Begum has reached her forties. She was married to a government official. Just three years after her marriage, her husband died of blood cancer, leaving behind one daughter and one son. Chanda had started facing the harsh part of life. Her near and dear ones turned a deaf ear to her cries. Every member of her husband's family was hostile to her and treated her as an 'apoa bidhoba' (inauspicious widow). The members of her husband's family grabbed her furniture, property, etc. and threw her out of her husband's house. Chanda, along with her two little children came back to her parental house. Then her struggle began. She took a job in an NGO. Neighbours relatives spoke against her, passed bitter comments about her. She just ignored their remarks and kept quiet. She even refused marriage proposals from many thinking of her children's future. Living at her parental house was also not a smooth one. With her limited income, she managed to run her family of three members. Her son is presently studying English (Hons) at Govt M M College, Jessore and her daughter is studying Political Science (Hons) at Govt City College, Jessore. At present Chanda is also persuing her studies for a Master's degree from a private university. Working in an office, managing a family and studying at masters level, all at a time, is not very easy. But, Chanda is doing all these! If she could see her children better provided after completion of their education, she would certainly be a happy woman indeed!

Chanda realizes that education, strong determination, and above all, deep faith in the Almighty God have helped her come to this stage of life. She could be a source of inspiration for thousands of women who are struggling to maintain their livelihood ignoring all the cruelties of a hostile society & the surrounding world.

Dear readers, we started up telling you a tale of a woman; but it is not a tale; it is a true story and the woman is none but our mother. She is to us a living legend! (Sorry, for not being able to provide you with a copy of her photograph as she is reluctant about it). We pray to the Almighty for her long life. Will you pray for her?







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