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     Volume 1 Issue 7 | September 30, 2006 |


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Guru Griho

From Rangpur
Rangpur Zila School Turns 125

Nusrat Jahan Lima

Rangpur Zila School is one of the country's oldest schools. It has become a part of the cultural heritage of the district as education in the northern region has evolved significantly around it. At that particular time in history, the middle class people of the Sub-Continent began to realize that education was essential for them to achieve an independent nation. The founding of the school at that time was welcome by the people of the entire region. The school has retained a good reputation for its academic performance since its foundation.

Rangpur Zila School is located in the middle of Rangpur town. It was established in the mid-town so that the students from all corners might get equal privileges. Very few schools in the country have as big a campus and such scenic beauty as that of Rangpur Zila School.

There has been hardly any year when students from this school have not secured places in public exams under the Rajshahi board. These brilliant students of the school have later served the nation in different ways.

The number of students of the school gradually increased so much over the past years that its authority was bound to introduce two shifts of classes. At present, about 2000 students are studying in the school in two shifts.

Getting admission in the school is not easy. Against the1000 seats in class III, class VI, and class IX thousands of students appear at the admission test every year.

Rangpur Zila School with a hundred and twenty students who earned GPA-5, secured the first position in the SSC 2005 exam. results among all the school under Rajshahi Board. Before the grading system was introduced in S.S.C, student of Rangpur Zila School had secured quite a few top positions on the merit list of the S.S.C examination result.

In the Primary and Junior scholarship exams 2005, too, the school secured first position in Rangpur region as record number of students qualified for scholarship. It is one of the oldest institutions of the country having praiseworthy academic record. It is regarded as an embodiment of talent, enthusiasm and determination that paved the way towards its success and glory.

Besides achieving outstanding academic results, Rangpur Zila School has a widespread reputation of encouraging extra-curricular activities. The school won championship several times in the National School debates as well as on the television debates.

The teachers of the school always promote cultural and academic activities. They are also committed to keep up the school's tradition of good reputation. Cultural functions, annual sports and functions to celebrate religious festivals of students of different faiths are organized regularly.

Rangpur Zila School publishes a literary magazine once in every two years. It aims at encouraging and developing students' creativity. It encourages the learners to think independently and to express their thoughts effectively.

There is a well-equipped laboratory that Rangpur Zila School takes pride in. The science students hold science fairs in the school every year. It has won trophies in the district level science fairs. The school science team became second in the 27th regional science fair.

The students of Rangpur Zila School, besides studying, learn how to serve the nation voluntarily. The school has been studded with a group of smart boy scouts. The school obtained the President's Award twice for extraordinary scouting performance.

Last year four of the boy scouts of the school represented Bangladesh to the international scout camps in Japan, Maldives and Malacca.

Lord William Bunting founded the schools as 'Zaminder School' in 1832 with a view to spreading education among the people of Rangpur and its adjoining districts. The school then turned in to a Zila school in 1862 and was brought under the All India Educational Board. The main building of the school was constructed in 1883.

The Daily Star Readers Club, Rangpur unit conferred Rangpur Zila School with The Daily Star Best School award for its outstanding achievement in the field of education on May 23, 2006 at the local town hall through a grand ceremony. The editor of The Daily Star, Mr. Mahfuz Anam, handed the award to the Headmaster of Rangpur Zila School.



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