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     Volume 1 Issue 8 | Ocyober 14, 2006 |


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Editor's Note

Challenging the traditional norms

Amidst many dismal happenings in Bangladesh an encouraging aspect is our women's growing emancipation in the broadest sense of the term. Education has paved the way. It generated not only the will to survive but also the desire to improve one's lot. Along with the above, education has provided our women with the basic equipment to make their will and desire come true.

In our present issue the Guru Griho is about Vidyamayee School of Mymensingh providing education to thousands of girls.

In the story on 'She', we see a young woman who refuses to be crushed by her poverty. She is innovative, hardworking and ambitious. The woman today is not simply concerned with her survival or economic security. Salma who features our cover story is an inspiring example of the equality of man and woman. A woman is not the helpmeet of the man, giving the latter her support and assistance, she is at par with the man, as good as her male-companion. She appears before our male chauvinistic society as a refreshing challenge.

In Star Insight one of our aims has been to highlight certain positive aspects of our society, both of the past and the present. We hope our readers will find the same trend in the current issue, too.

Shaheen Kabir
Advisory Editor, Star Insight


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