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     Volume 1 Issue 9 | October 28 , 2006 |


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Guru Griho

From Brahmanbaria
Brahmanbaria Government College

Ataul Gani

Imbued with the spirit of making higher education available to the aspiring people of Brahmanbaria, philanthropists Khan Bahadur Shahidul Haque, the then Parliamentary Secretary of East Pakistan, Mr. Sultan Ahmed, S.D.O. of Brahmanbaria, Mr. Abdul Kadir Munshi, Mr. Azizur Rahman Molla, and a few other eminent personalities of Brahmanbaria town started a college in 1948. It was started on a piece of land that belonged to Niaz Mohammad School, the then George English High School. The college was the oldest college in Brahmanbaria, and was later nationalised in 1979.

Emerging in a tin-shed house under the captainship of Principal Mr. Bhauve Ranjan Dev with only one hundred and five students in the Humanities and Commerce group, the college has now become an abode of about five thousands students pursuing courses from Intermediate to Master's level.It now offers Honours courses in eleven disciplines and Masters in four along with its regular Intermediate and Degree pass courses.

The biography of the college is illuminated by a number of icons such as, litterateur Principal Minnat Ali, Mr. Billay Monghal, Poet Asad Chowdhury, Grammarian haralal Roy, Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman, former C.S.P. and current MP of Kasba, who taught in the college at different times. The college does not take less pride in its former students who have occupied distinguished positions in their respective fields at home and abroad. Mr. Muhammad Ali, Mr. Shafiul Alam, Mr. Al-Amin Chowdhury all former prominent Civil Servants of Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Gani Munshi, M.N.A, Actor obaidul Huq sarker, Advocate Syedul Huq current MP of Nasirnagar, Advocate Humayun Kabir, former Minister are only a few to mention from among the many enlightened and successful personalities who the college feel proud of as its alumni. Besides, seven of its alumni occupied the chair of the Principal of the college at different times . They are Prof. Ashraful Islam, Prof. Shahidul Huq, Prof. Mia Mohammad Idris, Prof. Musle Uddin, Prof. Mazibur Rahman, Prof. Abul Hassan the current Principal, Prof. Mukhlesur Rahman.

Resuls of different public examinations of the college are worth mentioning. Unlike many other academic institutions of the country, Brahmanbaria Govt. College is free from rivalry among different student groups as well as from slogan-shouting and writings on the walls. However, to mention about a major difficulty that college now faces is that it cannot provide residence facilities to the ever increasing number of students coming from distant villages. There are now only two hostels which are in no good condition. Construction of new hostel buildings dismantling the old and dilapidated ones in the place of Shhid Palu Hostel is an utmost necessity.

Contribution of the college to the nation will remain untold if the valiant participation of its many students in the Language Movement of 1952 and the Liberation War of Bangladesh is not mentioned with due emphasis.

Over a period of sixty years, the college with the joint endeavours of its teachers, students and guardians has developed the tradition of producing prominent civil servants through imparting quality education to its students.



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