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     Volume 1 Issue 9 | Ocyober 28, 2006 |


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Editor's Note

Feeling empathy towards our fellow-beings

In the last one month we observed and celebrated the Ramadan, Durga Pooja, Probarona Purnima and the Eid-ul-Fitr. At the heart of all of these religious practices and festivals is the spirit of fracternity for all, irrespective of any differences in class or creed. Added to this spirit of love and compassion for all was the teaching of Ramadan emphasizing restraint and avoiding excesses in everything.
Side by side with these, we experienced the grim tragedy of hundreds of people being washed away in the Bay of Bengal, and on the other end of our day to day existence, the massacre of six people in one house in the capital city, among many other brutalities happening every day.
It's time we raised ourselves from the state of apathy we may have forced ourselves in and tried to keep our perspective clear. It's immensely sad to see a lack of empathy in so many of us towards the sorrows of our fellow-beings. We seem not to be affected by these tragic happenings and allow our lives to go on as if nothing disturbing has happened.
We'd like our members of the Daily Star Reader's Club across the country along with the thousands of our dear readers to be aware of these issues.
All our writings in Star Insight so far have emphasised the spirit of love, faith and courage in us.

Shaheen Kabir
Advisory Editor, Star Insight


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