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     Volume 2 Issue 4 | February 17 , 2007 |


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Guru Griho
From Jhenidah
Naldanga Bhushan Pilot High School turns 125

Azibor Rahman

Every educational institute no doubt plays a vital role in turning boys and girls into worthy citizens of the country. There are many educational institutes all over the country that have earned good reputations. Naldanga Bhushan Pilot High School is one of those that bear a history of growth and development.

About 137 years ago, Indu Bhushan Devroy, father of the King Promoth Bhushan Devroy founded this school at Naldanga Rajbari. Later, Raja Bahadur Promotho Bhushan Devroy turned it into a high school in 1882. This high school was later shifted to Kaligonj town in Jhenidah in the absence of Raja Bahadur. In 1909, this reputed high school was permanently recognized by Calcutta University.

The school stood on a vast piece of land with a lot of buildings, trees, and a big playground. At present, it lies in the heart of Kaligonj town in Jhenidah. It is one of the country's oldest and biggest schools and has become an important part of the culture of the region. Among the secondary schools, Naldanga Bhushan Pilot High School performs the best in a lot of things, such as the SSC exam, the junior scholarship exam, scouting, B.N.C.C, vocational and Open University. There has hardly been a year when students from this school have not secured 'places' in public exams under the Jessore board. These meritorious students have gone on to serve the nation in different ways. The school, since its inception has produced many students who have gone on to become eminent scholars. Among its brightest alumni, are Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman, currently working in the U.S., Mohammad Ali, at the Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Md. Abdul Wajed Ali, the Chief Engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board, Dr. Monowar Hossain, Associate Professor of Bangladesh, Engineering University, Dhaka and Dr. Bishwanath Kanjilal, an eminent doctor.

This year 80% of the examinees passed in the SSC examination. 7 students obtained GPA 5 and 12 students secured junior scholarships. Besides its outstanding academic results, Naldanga Bhushan High School also fosters an environment where the students can engage in exciting extracurricular activities as well as athletics. The school has won several championships in interschool district and division levels.

The school publishes a literary magazine once every three years. It gives the students a platform to engage their creativity as well as provide encouragement for some to try their hands at the something for the first time.

However it is a matter of great regret that this old school has not yet been nationalized.

In 1967, a member of the national assembly (M.N.A) had declared this school to be nationalized. In 1986 H.M Ershad and Begum Khaleda Zia had declared it to be nationalized. But it has still not come into effect.

The many headmasters the school has had throughout the years deserve recognition, and their names follow:

The first headmaster of the school was late Abhoy Charan Mukho-paddhay from 1882 to 1883. Other heads included Rakhal Chandra Chakrabarty (1883-1886), Mrinal Kanti Sarkar (1887-1898), Hrody Nath Sarkar (1898-1902), Purna Chandra Sarkar (1902-1908), Abony Bhushan (1909-1914), Shitol Chandra Majumdar (1914-1920), Shaylendra Mitra (1920-1924), Apurbo Charan (1924-1932), Profulla Kumar Sarkar (1932-43), Kalipada Kanjilal (1943-47), Azhar Ali Khan (1948), Kalipada Kanjilal (1949-1960), Mobarak Ali (1960-1961), Obaidul Alam (1961-1962), Akbar Ali (1963), Md Biswas Abdur Rahim (1963-2000). Md Lutfer Rahman is presently the headmaster.



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