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     Volume 2 Issue 5 | March 3, 2007 |


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Behind the Scene

From Chittagong

Making Music: Sanjit Acharjee

Rumzumi Acharjee

Sanjit Acharjee is a songwriter, lyricist, and music director. Sanjit Acharjee belongs to the class of the best singers in Chittagong today. Although his repertoire includes palli geeti, maij vandari, moromi sangeet, local songs of Chittagong and modern songs, he specializes in folk music.

He has been singing since his school days, that is, since 1969. Practicing music was mandatory in his household; his father was a “padabali kirtoniya”. His first move towards singing was facilitated by radio artist Dadababu Lakkhipad Acharjee. He was the fourth child in a family of five brothers and two sisters. Two of his brothers and one of his sisters are now all popular singers in Chittagong. He lives with his wife and three children. Back in his school days, he used to bunk classes and sing - sitting on the branches of trees. Already he had started to write songs and give melody to his lyrics. His education started in his hometown, in the village of Patia Thana. After finishing his B.A. degree from Chittagong City College, he decided that the rest of his life would be devoted to music.

He has been singing on the radio since 1980. He has appeared on television in programs like Bornali, Bhoranodir Bake and Ektara. He has recorded over twenty albums as well as more than fifty tracks on Vicks Records. His colleagues have been Shefali Ghosh, Kollyani Ghosh, Gita Acharjee, Ajifa Khanom, Dilruba Khanom, Shamshun Nahar and Shandhya Rani Das. Among the thirteen plays Ajarchee has written, two of them- Shampanwalla and Shona Bondhu- have been made into theatrical performances. Not only was he the singing voice of the actors for these shows, he wrote the songs and composed the music himself. One of his songs- Bashkhali Moyishkhali has captured the hearts of many, throughout the country. Nation renowned singer Shorgio Shottoshaha, directed the music for his plays. Under him, he worked for almost ten years in various music-related fields. As a songwriter, he has written songs Matir Ghor, Anurag, Fulesshori, Shona Bondhu, Shampanwala and Milon Mala. In total, he has recorded over a thousand tracks!

Many famous artistes of Bangladesh have sung songs written by him. In the movie Matir Ghor, Sabina Yasmin and Khandokar Faruq Ahmed sang the duet “Omon koira koiyona bondhu”. In the movie Fulesshori, Sabina Yasmin and Andrew Kishore sang another duet “Ore roshik borshiwal” In the movie Shonabondhu, Runa Laila sang the song “Amar ghungru baje.” Furthermore, in the same picture Andrew Kishore and Shammi Akhter sang “Amar moner bedona.” Shefali Ghosh and Shyamshundor Byashyob sang “Are koto tarayba” in the movie Anurag. Kanta Nadi sang “Ore Karnafuli re, shakkhi rakhilam tore,” in the movie Shampanwala. Shabana and Alamgir starred in the film directed by Shorgio Shottosaha. Presently, a remake of the film Shampanwala has been made called Ore Shampanwala. But he has expressed his great pain when he saw that his name as lyricist and script writer has been dropped from the tittle of the film and from the cassette cover.

Bangla Academy published a book called Chottogram er ancholik gaan or “The Regional Songs of Chittagong” by Kallyani Ghosh where one finds the lyrics to fifty of his songs along with a profile and biography as a song writer, lyricist, and artist. He has presented his songs all over the world in many countries. By the invitation of the Kallyan Shamiti of Bangladesh, he first went to Oman as part of a cultural team in 1980. In 1984, through initiative of Bangladesh Club, he performed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and many other countries. He sang in Qatar in 1986. Later, he traveled to Qatar, Dubai and Oman again in 1994 and 1995. He has also earned respect in various fields of music. He has earned the Shottosaha Sharnapadak, ovations from the Chottogram Shilpi Kallyan Shangstha and Shangskritik Jonotar Mothot. He has been appointed as the director of Chottogram Shilpi Kallyan Shangstha in 1980, and is still continuing in the title. He is the music director and cultural advisor to Chottola Nattogosthi and the Chottogram Mohanogori Shotshongo Asrom committee. His greatest motivator is to make our country's folk music known to the rest of the world.



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