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     Volume 2 Issue 7 | March 31, 2007 |


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Editor's Note

Taking Sides

A brief comment on the World Cup would not seem out of place here I suppose. Sports are one of those arenas that foster a strong sense of belonging, an “in-group” bias. Assign a random group of people into a 'team' and soon they will begin to identify with the group, cultivating favoritism towards the arbitrary characteristics of the group and nurturing antagonism towards the Other. The World Cup fosters this sort of thing, although often there are many who try to remind us to keep our hostility in check. It is not, as some claim “just a game”, but a cultural space of the greatest importance- things that happen in here cannot be ignored. Take for example, the Bob Woolmer death. To call it a tragedy for all would be a mistake, because assuming it was a murder, obviously there were some who wanted this, and ordered this. Why are many of us so passionate about sports? Not because we enjoy a “good game”, but because of the necessity of the distinction between your side and someone else's.

Once again our cover story is on a nonagenarian, the second in a few issues. Shah Abdul Karim is a modest musician in his twilight years and is beyond wanting recognition for his career. He has lost his voice and all he can do is nostalgically think back to his singing days, reflecting on the transience of things, wondering what a sweet time it was.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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