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     Volume 2 Issue 9 | April 28, 2007 |


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Editor's Note

Lost Things

Chances are, you haven't heard of Nikhil Chandra Das. Or maybe you have, within the past few days. He is having his first painting exhibition in Dhaka ever for a theme that he began working with 22 years ago. His exhibition is called “The Story of Lost Painting”, and his works try to recover some aspects of his own culture that may have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Hindu mythology is clearly something that inspires him, but he takes something very traditional and employs a style of his very own when he paints. He lives in Narail and doesn't go out of his way to seek publicity for his work. We are glad to bring you this story of an artist who may not be a name you know, but is probably just as good as the ones you do.

A final note on the Tigers and the World Cup: after filling everyone with hope with David and Goliath matches, the Tigers showed that they couldn't really sustain it. The Tigers performed much better when they were constantly aware that they were up against Goliath. When they lose sight of their underdog-ness, when even the slightest bit of smugness creeps in, they shamefully fall on their face. In the last issue I noted that we were “dreamers”. I didn't mean that in a bad way. But dreamers, it seems, can be beaten at their own game: giant-killing.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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