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Guru Griho

From Mymensingh

Mukul Niketan High School
Mukul Niketan High School is a large non-government school in Mymensingh region. The school started with a few students and now is quite a large institution. It was established on January 1, 1970 at No. 10 Maharaja Road in the district town. Now the school is 37 years old but it has overtaken many government and non-government schools in SSC results and extra-curricular activities. The school was first started as Mukul Fuaj in 1950s and with the passage of time it has expanded to the massive institution it is now.

The school started running as a high school with just a few students in 1970 and the present head Amir Ahmed Chowdhury Ratan took charge as its headmaster. But now the number of students is about 40,000 from primary to high level. The school is very prominent to the people of Mymensingh and some other adjoining districts. Students from Jamalpur, Sherpur, Netrokona, Tangail, Kishoreganj and other parts of the country attend the school.

To overcome this housing problem, a five storied building has partly been completed. The construction under the master plan comprises administrative building on the ground floor, class rooms on the first and second floors, three science laboratories on the third floor, an auditorium as well as a conference hall on the fourth floor. Due to scarcity of funds, the construction work of the building is going on slowly with the donation of benevolent persons of the society.

The poor and meritorious students have the opportunity to study with stipends from the school fund. More than 45 students from government and non-government orphanages enjoy full scholarships from the school. A large number of students study free of cost.

The school has a rich cultural reputation in and outside the district for long. Following the active participation on various occasions including Pahela Baishakh, Independence Day, Victory Day, and February 21st, the school is well known to all section of people in the district. The cultural academy of this school is a center of young talents in cultural areas. The students participate in the cultural academy with a full continuation of their regular studies. Eminent cultural masters are engaged in the academy to give lessons to the students on dancing, singing, playing on different musical instruments, acting and recitation. The school is also a center to impart training on debating, drawing, craft, pottery. The students have brought name and fame of the school by participating in different national level forums successfully. It is noteworthy that the school earned a high reputation in taking part in National level Bangladesh Television School Debate in 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 and in 2006.

The school has a school facility for some 400 students coming from far flung areas of in and outside the districts. Two more houses have been constructed to meet up the increasing demand for the hostel seats. School sources said that over 100 applications for the seats in the hostel are waiting as the school can not accommodate the waiting numbers due to fund constraints. The school has a reputation for good supervision in the hostel. The headmaster of the school Prof. Amir Ahmed Chowdhury Ratan himself makes regular rounds to monitor the students' study. For a close monitoring system, the guardians of the far away places are very interested to put their kids at the hostel which has created a huge pressure on the hostel.

It is also notable that no other institution at a non-government level has such facility to accommodate a large number of students in the hostel. Besides a tight teaching routine, the school authority also maintains a keen monitoring system inside the school that has made a good reputation and better performance in SSC examinations and Scholarship examinations in both primary and junior levels. Following the good academic performances, the school was awarded as “best school” at national level in 1989 and in 1994 respectively.

The school has also a good reputation in scouting. There are two scout and two club teams in this school. They also take part in different social activities. The scout teams make wide reputation participating in various jamborees every year. To take a look of this reputed school, ministers including Education Minister and secretaries of different ministries made visits on different occasions and they were pleased observing the very congenial academic atmosphere prevailing in the school.

The school has a teaching staff of 110 experienced and learned teachers including 42 female teachers. Prof. Amir Ahmed Chowdhury Ratan, the headmaster of the school is a good administrator. The teachers of the school also love him for his hard labor that has helped to establish the school

Amir Ahmed Chowdhury said that the present condition of the school is a result of perseverance. "I thanked all the teachers and other employees of the school who have contributed a lot to the overall success of the school, said a smiling headmaster. He also thanked the guardians of the students and local elites who always render necessary supports for the betterment of the academic activities of the school. He seeks blessings and support from all corners of the society for more success in the future.


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