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Editor's Note

Starting Up

The Daily Star Readers' Club currently has 37 cells in Bangladesh, but as Rafi Hossain, coordinator of the Readers' Club writes, not all of them are as active as we would like them to be. The clubs get active and busy during his visit but it's not easy to coordinate every single cell. And that's just 37 out of the 64 districts that will all have these clubs some time in the future. Rafi Hossain reflects on the ups and downs of this sometimes wandering job.

Another one in our mini success stories is a sweater maker from Bogra. She started off with nothing but a small piece of land. She ended up with a thriving sweater business. A lot of comments and sneers come your way when you are a solitary worker sewing away on your verandah thinking it is 'business', people say you will never amount to anything. The secret of success here, at least partly, is the ability to endure the initial ridicule considering your venture. Sticks and stones might break your bones. Ignore the rest of the attacks.



Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk



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