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Guru Griho

From Comilla

Nabab Hochchamiya High School of Comilla The century old school of Nabab Hochchamiya High School of Comilla is located in the northern part of the city. 122 years ago, the Nabab Hochchamiya had established this school at what is now Laksam upazila. Even though the school is now known as a 'high school', from the years of 1885 to 1969 this was known as Comilla's first English medium madrassah. Besides the learning of Arabic, the school emphasized on the teaching of Bangla, Science and English. On the historical grounds of this school, luminaries such as Shahid Sahrawardi, AK Fazlul Haq and Mahatma Gandhi held rallies for various political purposes. Hochcha Miya was a student of the school, who later became the president of Jamaat-e-Islami.

In 1969, Hochchamiya Madrassah was turned into Hochchamiya Madrassah High School, because times were changing. Apparently this transformation did not please everybody, some religious people of the area complained about this and they told the children of respected people to not attend the school. Even the members of the school's managing committee were against the decision of sending their children to that school.

Later in 1991 Comilla's then ADC Md. Afsaruddin was made principal and the school started functioning again at full pace. The principal informed that when he transformed the school into a high school, there were only four sets of desks and chairs and just eleven students. Currently there are over 300 students. The results of the SSC are good, there is a pass rate of over 85 percent. However, there is a shortage of teachers. The school is being run by only 12 teachers. Also, there is a great shortage of instruments in the school's laboratory. The school, which was established on over 2 acres of land, is yet to receive any grants.

In 1997, it has been said by the Assistant Commissioner that Laksam was supposed to pay annuities from its 168 acres of land but this has not been paid. Government tax notices have been sent to Motaialli who is responsible, but nevertheless, from the Bengali calendar years of 1377 to 1414, no tax has been paid. Some newer facilities have replaced some utterly worn down and useless older facilities; a lot of restoration work has been done. But the school is still being held back by a lot of things. It needs more reform. There is one hostel for the students, but that also needs a lot of work done. Locals have said that only if the authorities intervene can this century-old school be saved.


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