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Journey through Bangladesh

From Kurigram
Being a Tourist in Bangladesh

Let's say you are interested in doing a bit of tourism in Bangladesh. You have to be mentally geared up for it. Bangladesh will surprise you with its resources and sights. Bangladesh is a land of tourism and one of the oldest and greatest civilizations which should excite most eager travelers. Every year a large number of tourists comes for Bangladesh travel tours. They come for its prosperity of sights, heritage monuments, cultural excitement and diversity of picturesque backdrops. They come to Bangladesh to hunt for the amazing something.

These days Bangladeshi tourism is in the stage of flourishing with virtually infinite resources. There is a wide variety of tourisms in Bangladesh. It provides a unique taste of history and culture. It is said that a country is best known by its culture and civilization and Bangladesh has that dating back approximately 5000 years. On your tours to Bangladesh you will observe that Bangladesh charms at every step with something new.

There are several scenic places to visit in Bangladesh. During your tours in Bangladesh you can visit many monuments and picturesque locations like Paharpur, beautiful hill stations, magnificent forts and palaces, the longest unbroken beach or perhaps one of the most alluring of tourist spots - the Sundarbans. These are likely to mesmerize you.

When you are on the Rangamati Tour, you are likely to be fascinated with its magnificent hills and lakes, blazing greeneries, enthralling wildlife and peculiar indigenous life. But your Rangamati tour will be incomplete without taking part in one of the most important tourist attractions Subolang Water Fall tour through the Lake Cruise. This tour may take you from Dhaka to Chittagong. These two important cities (Dhaka has Moghul wonder Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil, Dhakeswari Temple; Chittagong famous for commerce, sea port, Patenga beach and Foy's Lake) The south Bangladesh has its own different charm.

Many travel agencies, both private and government, organize trips from Dhaka to Chittagong and to Cox's Bazar. Also there are domestic flights to facilitate the travels. Flights are easily available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Jessore, Ishwardi, Barishal, Sylhet and Cox's Bazar and for those who can afford it is the easiest way to get around. Moreover there are luxury bus and coach services.

If you have beach-mania, Kuakata, Cox's Bazar, Patenga, Parki and Saint Martin are the places for you. If you are interested in big hills, Bandarban will be of great interest. With the boom in the Bangladesh tourism industry, many travel agencies have started offering attractive Bangladesh travel packages; go and catch your dream package. For those who are too busy to plan, these package tours are a great new thing.


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