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From Jhenidah

Ready, Willing and Able

Physically handicapped Aklima has always wanted to beat her disability, and she has finally done it. In spite of having no hands, she has mastered a range of activities, having to rely on no one for this. Aklima can perform all her day-to-day duties including combing her own hair and preparing curry with her feet. She has saved up some money rearing cattle. She has proven to all that she is not a burden to society.

Thirty-year-old Aklima's hands lost their use shortly after she was born. Some time in her infancy she got affected with typhoid fever and after this prolonged illness she lost both her hands. Her hands are only 4-5 inches long and they have no strength or dexterity.

Aklima said that she could not continue her studies due to her lack of functional hands. In her childhood, upon completion of her primary education at Hamirhati primary school, she got herself admitted to Nagarbathan secondary school. But she had to give up her study as her school teacher refused to her anymore deeming her unfit. She had to take to the streets and go begging.

Aklima added that she was introduced to a certain Rezaul Islam while she was begging at Chuadanga bus stand of the town. Somewhere down the line she chose the blind Rezaul Islam as her life partner. They got married. One day they decided to change the way they made their livings.

They both gave up begging and started vending on the streets. Today, they sell chocolate, ground nuts and ointments in different bus stands of the town. They have had a son. His name is Rahil Uddin Joy and is 11 months old. The family is doing much better now. They earn taka one hundred per day. The volunteer organization SDAP has helped them. Even if it is bit by bit, things are looking up.


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