Volume 2 Issue 29 | March 15, 2008 |


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Editor's Note

Smells like Success

Sometimes you will find a thriving business in the most unlikely of places. For example, if you wander into a village in the middle of nowhere it is possible that you will see all the households busy producing the most regal of fabrics- silk. The little industry, 'Resham Palli', has been a lifesaver for many women trying to find a way out of the oppressive rural structure of dowry payments and dependence on other men.

The cover story this time around is a little different in format. It is the interview of a very successful woman entrepreneur who produces and sells flowers for a living. This is one of those businesses that we can all be happy to have around. Some businesses pollute our water and air, and some give us good things for free, or 'positive externalities' as an economist would call them. Whether we personally make any money out of this micro-enterprise or not, it's something good for all of us. A flower garden looks good, smells good, and makes us feel good.


Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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