Volume 2 Issue 31 | April 12, 2008 |


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Editor's Note


April is here, the Bangla New Year is arriving. This 'new year' is of course a very important day of the calendar for most Bangalees. The 'calendar' that I am referring to is the one we all use, the Gregorian calendar. Given that this calendar has so little relevance to most of our day to day lives, it is interesting that we still look forward to the first of Boishakh. In fact, in a strange sort of way it can be argued that we enjoy this event so much because it doesn't matter all that much, or at least as far as our business lives are concerned. In Pahela Boishakh, none of us want to work. We don't even want to think about work. We don't even want to look at the calendar! The English one, that is.

This festival is for fun. Boishakh is the perfect occasion of “celebrating life”, which coincidentally is also the title of the cover story this issue, and the title of a film-photography-lyrics contest held by the The Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank. This is a great time for all sorts of festivities.


Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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