Volume 2 Issue 39 | August 16, 2008 |


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Editor's Note

Competitions and More

In this issue we're reporting back to you on one of our own initiatives partnered with Standard Chartered Bank- the artistic and aesthetic competition held under the very broad heading of “Celebrating Life”. This was quite a well-publicised event and the responses were tremendous. Most readers of the The Daily Star already know about the event and there's an update in the pages that follow.

Since its Olympic season, the flavour of competition is everywhere. Sure, competition is by nature warlike, aggressive and sometimes quite ugly. But as we see in the Olympic games, it makes us do things better than we ever could have in any other circumstance. In these games we see folks jumping higher, running faster and lifting heavier than ever before. It's not just the desire to do well, but the desire to beat everyone else that brings out our best work. “Celebrating Life” is also hoping that the same spirit of competition will bring out the most wonderful works of film, photography and lyrics that our artistes can deliver.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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