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Guru Griho

From Jhenidah

Shailkupa Benipur

Another one of the really old schools in this country is Benipur High School. One hundred and two years ago, in 1906, this School was established and given the name Benipur High English school. It was the first English school founded by the Muslim elites out of all the schools that existed at the time. In 1912 this school was permanently recognised by Calcutta University.

This school stood on a vast plot of land with a lot of buildings, trees and a big playground. At present, it lies at Kecherkol Bazar 7 kilometers away from Shailkupa upazila town. It is one of the country's oldest and biggest schools and has become an important part of the culture of the region. Among the secondary schools Benipur High School stands supreme when it comes to results of the SSC exam, the junior scholarship exam, scouting and BNCC. There has hardly been a year when students from this school have not obtained places in the public exam under Jessore board. These meritorious students have gone on to serve the nation in different ways. The scholar-students who have been serving in some pretty high positions are Md Abdul Latif, currently working in the Pakistani government, Dr. Keramot Ali, a professor in Canada, Munshi Julfiker Sekandar, a computer engineer in America, Md Golam Mostafa, former lawmaker (Jhenidah-1), Md Zahurul Haq, an engineer of the railway company in Bangladesh, who is now in Canada, Md Mahfuzur Rahman, a distinguished lawyer in the Bangladesh Supreme court.

This year 85% of the examinees passed in the SSC examination, ten students obtained GPA 5 and two in 2007. Besides its outstanding academic results, Benipur high school also fosters an environment where the students can engage in exciting extracurricular activities as well as athletics. This school has won several championships in the interschool district division level.

This school publishes a literary magazine once every three years. It nourishes the students' creativity and widens their knowledge. It helps bring out their unrealised talents. However it is a matter of regret that this old school has not yet been nationalised.

The many headmasters who have served this school include the late Abdul Haq, Golam Hossain, Babu Nani Gopal Bagsi, Md. Sekandar Ali, S Kudrat Ruh Mantab Wali, Md Lulu-Ul-Bahar. Md. Jamil Rashid is presently the headmaster.

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