Volume 2 Issue 41 | September 13, 2008 |


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Editor's Note

Basic Business

The cover story that follows profiles the business of an award-winning micro-entrepreneur. This is the story of a guy who doesn't quite make ice-cream, he makes the stick that you hold as you eat the ice-cream- you know- the thing that you throw away when you are finished with the bar. So there are, in fact individuals who devote their careers to making the little stick that nobody really thinks about- while making great successes out of it. The demand for his sticks is obviously dependent on the demand for ice cream. We might all scream for ice cream, but this man does it for a completely different reason.

Another basic business story that follows is one on the loom industry getting back on track after last years devastating floods. The devastation caused by Sidr in terms of lives and property is inestimable, and just one aspect of this is the equipment that had been destroyed- equipment that enable's poor folks to do business and earn their living. Here, the loss is not just a fixed amount, but the flow of income that could have been. Nevertheless, these resilient people, with a little NGO help, have rebuilt their capital and are moving on.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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