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Editor's Note

Light and Dark

In the West, crab is an expensive dinner item. Subhash Chandra Mondal doesn't know much about that sort of thing. He just tried to do something for himself and one day found himself cultivating crabs, of all things. Predictably, a lot of people made fun of him when he told them his business idea. For some people, even shrimp seemed like a more sound option. But Shubhash has no regrets. He started this venture from scratch, and managed to get to a place where he has something solid to show for himself. He's even poised to make his own hatchery.

While Subhash has pulled himself out of the dark, there is another story on a village in Khagrachhari which is still in the dark- at least technology-wise. They don't have any schools there, nor do they have healthcare or any of the basic amenities needed in modern life. They are totally cut off from the rest of the world. There's not even a single paved road that connects the village to anything else. The local government doesn't even know how to start doing anything about it, since communication is so difficult. In most of the country, things may have progressed in many frontiers but there are still places like Lakpaindang which feel like a time capsule- a snapshot from bygone days.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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