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Editor's Note

Sing Out Loud

The Khude Gaan Raj contest for picking the best kid singer is down to the last 20 kids. As expected, all these kids are super excited to have come this far in a competition organised by Channel i. Most of them didn't think something like this was possible in their wildest dreams. Eight out of every ten of these kids come from outside of Dhaka, making this a relevant thing for Star Insight to look into. Our own Rafi Hossain had a chat with the people involved in this great initiative- his story about what this is all about follows. You'll also find the children talking about their musical inspirations and their thoughts on coming this far.

Speaking of music, there's another story inside about a woman from Sirajganj who taught herself Rabindra Sangit and became quite an accomplished performer on television. Later she got involved in a lot of other things such as charity organisations and schools. Many of the kids who competed in the Channel i contest say if they win they want to go out and do good things. Looking at Henry's example, it just seems possible.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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