Volume 2 Issue 47 | December 20 , 2008 |


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Behind the Scene

From Jhenidah

Three Friends Growing Plum

Azibor Rahman

Three friends in Jhenidah have taken a development initiative. Inspired by television and other media, they started the project they call “Friends' Project” to reflect its nature. These three men were unemployed. They had nothing to do. Now they are dreaming big. They are Haji Abdul Hamid, Atiar Rahman and Pattar Ali, all from Arappur village.

Around two acres of land were bought to cultivate plum. Eight hundred saplings of plum were planted. This cost Tk 2 lakh 50 thousand. It will eventually cost at least Tk 4 lakh 20 thousand. If the weather remains favourable they will get 25/30 kg per plum tree giving them Tk 8 lakh. This year the cost of planting saplings has gone up- this includes expenses like labour and fertilizer. The cost next year though, will go down. The men work in the plum garden for at least two hours each day along with the labourers.

They said they would increase their plantation in the following year if there were good profits this year. Every plum tree produces at least 25-30 kg. 800 plum trees will produce 25 thousand kg. Their produce is expected to sell for Tk 8 lakh. The profits will be around Tk 3 lakh 50 thousand.

Atiar Rahman said many locals visit this huge plum garden out of curiosity and they love what they see. A lot of unemployed young people are inspired by it.


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