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Guru Griho

From Bandarban

Learning at Quantum Shishu Kanon

Jasim Majumdar

Quantum Shishu Kanon is an educational institution established by the Quantum Foundation (QF) at a remote area of Keyaju para under the Lama upazila in Bandarban. It was built in 2001 for children of indigenous communities. At least 379 children are pursuing their education here.

Out of the 179 students getting hostel facilities are 50 students from the Bengali community, 40 students from the Mrou community, 34 from the Marma community, 19 from the Bom community, 15 from the Tripura community, 5 from the Chakma community, 3 from the Lushai community, 3 from the Khiyang community and 1 from Pangkhuya community. There are no girl students living in residence at the school.

More than 200 students commute to the school. Quantum Shishu Kanon takes care of eleven indigenous communities as well as Bengali children who not only get lessons here, they play games and engage in many other activities together.

The Quantum Foundation (QF) has provided all sorts of modern facilities. Besides the school, there is a well-furnished student's hostel, sports arena, meditation centre, recreation centre and health centre.

The construction of Quantum Shishu Kanon started in 1997 on the 15 acres of hilly land surrounded by trees in a remote area. The construction work finished in 2000. The school's academic work started in 2001.

Though the Quantum Shishu Kanon was built keeping in mind primarily the Mrou community, later it started to include other communities like the Bengali, Marma, Mrou, Bom, Chakma, Tripura, Chak, Khumi, Lushai, Khiyang and the Pangkhuya, said its director Anwar Al Hoq.

Without any help from the government or the NGO sector, this institution is running fine.

Every year students of class 5 get government scholarships. Nan Wai Mrou, a scholarship student said he wanted to be a doctor since many in his area were suffering from malaria, diarrhoea and many had died from lack of treatment.

7-year-old Abdur Rahim from Sathkania said he rarely missed home at this school. Mong-A-Ching and Aoi-A-Ching came from the remote Thanchi upazila. They said they were getting good food and that they were happy. There is a staff of 24 including 8 teachers, 1 medical assistant, 7 nurses and 1 peon.

The Director, Anwar Al Hoq, said they admitted those who were poor, landless and helpless in Bandarban. He talks about how it all started: the head of the Quantum Foundation Guruji Shahid Al Bokhari came to Bandarban in 1995. Seeing the miserable condition of the Mrou community he decided to do something for them. Now the institution is funded by the 18 thousand members of the organisation.

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