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Editor's Note

The Big Thing

At a point in time like this in a place like Bangladesh, to not talk about the election is like having an elephant in the room which nobody mentions. As I write this the election has ended, the results are out and talk about our political future is the big thing. As a country we are used to operating without dates and times, without schedules. We are used to not having a clue about our future. And even in the middle of lots of grim realities, there is no shortage of energy and optimism here. People take their civic duties very seriously. It is obvious that elections do not automatically bring in the desirable elements of democracy- one only needs to look at history to see all the elected governments that have wreaked havoc all around the world.

Now that we've mentioned the Big Thing, we can move on to some of the stuff inside. The cover story is on Father Rigon, an Italian missionary who has spent the last 56 years of his life in Bangladesh. Sometimes it takes an outsider to really appreciate the arts and literature of a region. He came to Bangladesh as a missionary but now loves this country as much as one possibly could. He has become something on an expert on Tagore and Lalon. In the following pages, he spoke to Insight's own Rafi Hossain, and reflected on his own remarkable life and work.

Abak Hussain
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