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Behind the Scene

From Jhenidah

A Gift of Blood

Azibor Rahman

Amirul Islam of Monohorpur village has donated over 73 bags of fresh blood from his body. He hasn't stopped there- he has formed a blood bank with the name Bandhan. Members include over 200 young people. While talking to The Daily Star, Amirul said that his elder sister Rokeya Khatun was fighting for her life at the Kushtia Sadar hospital for want of blood. Amirul could not collect the blood his sister needed at the time.

Since then, a great determination grew in him. He felt the necessity for providing blood for the survival of dying patients. He gives blood three times a year. He has a achieved a reputation for this.

Later, he formed a blood donation committee which includes 50 youths of Monohorpur village under Shaikupa upazilla, Jhenaidah in 2001. Now the number of donors is over 200.

Patients from different parts of the country come here from blood. The donors of this committee provide at least 200 bags of blood every year. With a view of maintaining the club and its activities a well planned managing committee was formed with the leadership of Amirul Islam, a Rural Medical Practitioner (RMP). Right now, Amirul Islam is acting in an advisory role.

Rezu Ahmed, a pathologist at the Mohila and Shishu clinic at Sailkupa Bazar said the donors of the club provided blood to the patients free of charge. He added that he tested blood groups of the donors. Bazlur Rahman, a member of the club of Siddi village donated blood to Sabina Khatun.

Swapan Kumar Bagchi, president of the club said, they were striving to run their activities for humanitarian reasons. We share a desire to lend a helping hand to the helpless and destitute. He added that his members had donated 76 bag bloods in this last August.

Khalilur Rahman, chairman of Shailkupa Pouroshabha said, this blood donation club has brought name and fame for our upazilla. Undoubtedly, it is a noble initiative. Md. Rafiqul Islam, residential medical officer of Sailkupa health complex said, “I know the donors of the club provide blood to the patients and take no charge in return.”

The founder and director of Bandhan blood donation club Amirul Islam said, though the donors of the club are rendering their services, they have no office of their own. They also need a refrigerator and a virus test machine.

If this blood bank is helped with patronisation as well as sufficient funds and equipments, they will be able to extend their helping hands to the patient all over the country. If any patient of the country needs blood, they are encouraged to contact this organisation.

Civil Surgeon Niranjan Shikdar said, “I came to learn that a blood donation club at Shailkupa has been formed. Even the members of the club are providing blood in different districts including Jhenidah.

Note : For anyone interested, the number to contact this blood bank is 01716 745407.


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