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The Power in a Name

Once upon a time, there lived a simpleton, who was always chanting the Lord's name, as per the instructions of his master. However one day he developed some doubts as to its use.

So he went to his master and said, "Sir! Why am I chanting the Lord's name? I don't think it benefits the Lord, and I don't know how it benefits me."

The master smiled at the innocence of his disciple and wanted him to learn things for himself. So he said, "My dear son! To know the power in the Divine name, I command you to go to the white bird sitting on a tree, near your house and ask for an answer."

The disciple faithfully went near his house, found the bird, sang in praise of the Lord and asked its use. But to his surprise the bird fell down and died, as soon as it heard his chanting . With fear and confusion, the simpleton ran to his master and related the incident.

The master heard it with mock sorrow, consoled his disciple, and said, "Don't worry! You may now go to the cattle shed near your house where a cow has just given birth to a calf and ask the calf for an answer."

This time, the simpleton, was not so enthusiastic, as he was afraid of the consequences of his action. However in obedience to his master, he did as he was told. But to his horror, the calf also suddenly died on listening to his chants.

With panic the disciple ran back to his master and wailed, "My dear master! The chanting of the Lord's name, has only earned me the sin of killing two living beings. What shall I do now?"

The master expressed sorrow and consoled the disciple. He said, "I am sorry that you were disappointed twice, but as a last chance, you may now go to the nearby King's palace and put your question, to the newly born child of the royal couple."

This time, with fear in his heart and hesitation in his steps, the student went to the King and mentioned his master's name and his wish to see the new born child. His desire was readily granted since the King held his master in high esteem. The simpleton slowly went near the cradle and softy chanted the Lord's name, into the ears of the infant.

Next moment, the tragedy that he feared, happened and the infant died. The King became furious at the loss of the prince and ordered the death of the simpleton. "Oh Lord"' the disciple cried to himself, "I never thought, chanting your name would harm everyone so much. I was much better off without it."

While he was thinking thus, something fantastic was happening before their eyes. A beautiful light emanated from the body of the infant and condensed itself into a celestial being who made his obeisance to the simpleton.

Addressing the surprised disciple, he said, "My dear sir, I am very grateful to your master and you. Due to a curse I had to take three births and had to undergo suffering. Your master desired to help me. He sent you to my rescue when I was a bird, and you liberated me by chanting the Lord's name. Again when I was a calf, you relieved me of that birth by Divine chanting. Now when I took my last birth as a human, you came again and liberated me by chanting the Lord's name. Again when I was a calf, you relieved me of that birth by Divine chanting. Now when I took my last birth as a human, you came again and liberated me from this bondage, by chanting in praise of the Lord. The power that Lord's name carries is unlimited, but unseen."

After uttering these words, the heavenly being blessed them and disappeared, and the King released the disciple and gave him plenty of gifts. The student ran to his master and his intense emotions made him speechless. The master only smiled and blessed the disciple, saying "Now you know the real power of Lord's name. It can do for you wonders beyond your imaginations but its working is subtle and sublime.”

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