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Behind the Scene

From Pabna

Abdul Hamid: A Profile

Ahmed Humayun Kabir Topu

A M Abdul Hamid was a very important politician of Pabna. He was a noted politician and a progressive Muslim man born in the nineteenth century. Abdul Hamid played a vital role in the anti-British movement. He was one of the Bengali parliamentarians during the Pakistan era who spoke in favour of the Bangla language in parliament.

According to the history, A M Abdul Hamid was born on February 17, 1887 in an aristocratic Muslim family in Pabna. His father Abul Maksud was a divisional School Inspector at the time. Abdul Hamid had to move around a lot in his academic life due to his father's government job.

He passed his matriculation with a first division from Hugli High School. He was a brilliant student at the time. His classmate Dr. Md. Shahidullah mentioned their friendship in his autobiography.

He got his higher education from Aligarh College in India. Hamid got involved in the anti-British movement at this time. Through this movement against the British monarchy Hamid entered politics.

He came back to his district and was elected as the district board member from very early on in his political life. Abdul Hamid achieved the Khan Bahadur award in 1945. Hamid participated in the parliamentary election in 1946. He was elected as an MLA in 1946. During this time Hamid stood against the communalism. He is the lone Muslim leader who stood against communalism with Thakur Anukul Chandra. Hamid earned huge popularity for his secularism.

After partition in 1947, Hamid became the member of parliament. In 1948 he went to London to take part in the commonwealth assembly. Hamid is one of the key Muslim leaguers during the 1952 language movement. As a patriotic father he inspired his two sons into the language movement.

Hamid's son Abul Ata Koraishi took part in the procession and assembly in the 1952 language movement with the inspiration of his father. His son was injured as the police charged the batons to the language movement procession. His two sons were arrested in Pabna in 1948 during the language movement in the district.

On March 5 in 1952 Language Day was observed. Being a parliament member Hamid chaired the language day programme in Pabna town hall premises on March 5 in 1952. Abdul Hamid presented his strong support of Bangla in the Pakistan parliament.

After a parliament assembly Hamid became sick and was admitted to Karachi Jinnah Hospital for an appendicitis operation. He died on April 8, 1952.

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