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Journey through Bangladesh

Charak Puja

Charak Puja, otherwise known as Neel Puja, is the principal festival of Chaitra Shongkranti. The term Charak means “traversing a circular path”. Bidding farewell to the past year and welcoming the new is the main purpose of this festival. The festival is said to be held when, according to the traditional Bangla calendar, the sun finishes its journey towards a year and starts travelling towards the next. Charak Puja. The Charak Puja is devoted to Shiva, the chief deity for many Hindus. On the day of Shongkranti , a sannyasi is strung up by hooks onto the Charak Tree. On the Charak Field the populace of the village congregates, dressed up as mythical Hindu characters. Despite being a Hindu festival, Muslims keenly take part in the celebrations and festivities. Participants abstain from consuming meat for seven days prior to the festival.



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