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Editor's Note

Show, Business

Plastic is melted and put into whatever the desired shape. Our cover story is on an entrepreneur who has chosen to use plastic to make bobbins used for thread. After working at a garments factory for some time, she decided she would do business on her own. Now, helped by her husband, she has her own factory and she relies entirely on plastic that is recycled, mostly from used plastic bags.

Also inside is a photo feature on the Charak Puja, centred on the worship of the Hindu god Shiva. Even though this festival of worship is for Hindus, people from all backgrounds take part and look in on the action. Pictures tell this story better than words could. There's a lot of physical suffering in this ritual. There is a lot of self-piercing and demonstrations of tolerance for the pain. The fact that there is such a large audience shows an important aspect of many sacred rituals: suffering as spectacle.

Abak Hussain
From the Insight Desk

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