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Guru Griho

From Pabna

Pabna Central

Ahmed Humayun Kabir Topu

PABNA Central Girls' High School is one of the oldest schools of the district situated in the middle of the town and is running amid lots of problems. The school was established in 1926. It is situated at Abdul Hamid Road of the town. The crisis of inadequate teachers is the main problem of the school, sources said.

According to school sources the school was established in 1926 in the middle of Pabna town. Later it was renamed Gandhi Girls School. The school started its journey with the primary education. Later it became a high school in 1970. The name of the school was later changed to Central Girls' High school, said Md Azizur Rahman, Vice Chairman of the school. The school is situated on 52 decimals of land.

Although there was a time when the school had a good reputation, it has been losing its good name with the passage of time. Sources said that there were at least 1300 students in the school in the 97-98 academic year. The quantity of students was also going down rapidly, said school sources. Right now there are 583 students enrolled.

During the survey it was learnt that there were immense problems with the school. Just 12 teachers were trying to manage the impossible task of teaching the whole school. Just one science teacher does the job of teaching classes 6 to 10.

There were 17 teachers a few years ago but 5 teachers have already retired and the new teachers are yet to be recruited. The headmaster of the school Md Hafizur Rahman said that recruiting of new teachers is yet to be completed.

Though the school has managed to survive for 80 years, there's no sign of development. During the survey it was learnt that there was no library and no auditorium in the school. There are four buildings but the three of them are really old. Renovation work is also needed.

“Though it is one of the oldest schools of the district, we are suffering from immense problems. The lack of adequate teachers hinders our work. We have requested the higher authorities to recruit the teachers,” said the headmaster.

The school has though, done well in sports. Sources said the school the school was national volleyball champion. They've consistently done well in volleyball and badminton in the last few years.

Students have gone to different countries to participate in games. Jasmin, Shahida, Shapla, Nusrat, Rojina all the students went to Germany this year for the SAF games.

Over 64 percent of the students have passed in the SSC examinations this year school, school sources said. The relationship between teachers and the students is good.

“We are fortunate to be students of the school. The teachers are very cooperative to us,” Sorna Sannyal and Dilruba Akhter, both the student of class 9, told The Daily Star.

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