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Journey through Bangladesh

From Jessore

Hamamkhana 360

Azibor Rahman

THE 360-year-old Hamamkhana and the Nabab Bari are on the verge of ruination because of lack of maintenance in Jessore. During the period of Emperor Akbar, this Hamamkhana was established by Shafsi Khan, son of Saha Suza's brother-in-law. Saha Suza was the Subedar at that time.

This Nabab Bari is situated on six and a half decimals of land which is 40 kilometers away from Jessore district town and 15 kilometers from Keshobpur upazila town. The way to the Hamamkhana is very uneven and rough. The visitors have much difficulty travelling to the site due to the damaged road.

This beautiful structure of archaeological value was established during the period of Emperor Akbar. Day by day it's getting damaged. Nevertheless, it still bears testimony to our rich history.

The roof of the building is concave; the thickness of the wall is 4.6 feet. The height is 20 feet excluding the domes. Cracks have appeared on the wall. Shrubs and trees have been growing all over the structure that has become a shelter for stray animals.

No caretaker could be found upon a visit to this site. Apparently this place does have a caretaker- the same one that looks after Sagardari, the birthplace of Michael Modhusudan Dutt.

According to the plaque, Shafsi Khan, the son of Saha Suza's brother-in-law established this Hamamkhana in 1649 during the period of Emperor Akbar (1639-1660). Shafsi Khan was appointed Subedar in Jessore at that time. This Hamamkhana, including four big rooms was built imitating the structure of Moghul Shoili. This building was used as an office as well as residence where they collected taxes from the farmers; if the farmers failed to pay up they were punished here. The locals demanded that this Hamamkhana be maintained for the next generation.

One villager of Mirjanagar said the visitors were annoyed that it is so hard to travel to this site. Building a proper road should be a priority.



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