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Feature Story

From Khagrachhari

King Saching

Jasim Majumder

Saching Prue Chowdhury, the young prince, was crowned as the 8th Mong Circle's king, (locally known as Mong Raja) at the age of just 21 years. He started his official work on January 17, 2009 from the Madhubazar office under Sadar upazila in Khagrachhari.

People of the Mong Kingdom made the day special. Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong Hossain Jamil handed over the traditional Mong King Sword to Saching Prue Chowdhury and nominated him as the 8th Mong Circle King as per the laws.

He became the 8th Mong King as his father Paihala Prue Chowdhury, (the 7th traditional King of the Mong Circle in Chittagong Hill Tracts) was killed in a road accident near Patachhara under Ramghor upazila in Khagrachhari on October 22, 2008.

After the death of his father Paihala Prue Chowdhury, the government nominated Saching Prue Chowdhury as the 8th traditional king of the Mong Circle. Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong Hossain Jamil formally handed over his sword to the new king on behalf of the government, keeping with the traditional Marma laws in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

As a Mong Raja, Saching Prue Chowdhury is expected to rule different tribes, including Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Rakhine, Mog and Bangalis, that have been living in about 1200 villages under 34 unions in the Mong Kingdom.

He also rules some 88 Mouzas with the help of 88 headmen (mouza heads) and 950 Karbaris (village chiefs). He collects revenue through Headmen and Karbaris and pays a part of it to the government.

Saching was born on May 6, 1987 at Aparna Chowdhury Para under Sadar upazila in Khagrachhari. He was the youngest child of late King Paihala Prue Chowdhury and Madhabi Lata Chowdhury.

He has two elder sisters including Umaching Chowdhury and Unuiching Chowdhury who have been working as advisors to the new king besides their mother.

AL lawmaker Zatindra Lal Tripura said the Mong Raja plays a vital role in making his people happy and peaceful. He works with the government to ensure the safety and development of the region.

Khagrachhari Hill District Council (KHDC) Chairman Ruhity Karbari said as per traditional laws the new king also collects land revenue from his people and assists in implementing all sorts of positive state policy.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abdullah said government provided him with a handsome honorarium. Advisor of Bangladesh Marma Shanggathan Aikka Parishad Mrasathowai Marma said each year Raja can call a meeting, traditionally called “Raj Punna” to collect revenue among other things.

Saching Prue Chowdhury said he was happy to become Mong King. Thanking the government, he said he would do his best towards the betterment of his people. “I would like to urge my people to maintain communal harmony so that we can live together, live united and live with prestige,” he said.






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