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Journey through Bangladesh

From Jessore

A Place for Shiva

Azibor Rahman

Jessore's aesthetically important Shiva Mandir is on the verge of ruination. Locals demand renovation work as this temple is one of the most beautiful in Bangladesh.

The temple is located in Narendrapur village which is 13 kilometers from Jessore town. Narendra Nath Roy Chowdhury built this structure during the reign of Nabab Hossain Shaha who was at the time, ruler of Delhi in the seventeenth century.

Nabab Hossain Shaha had some scholars run the state. Narendra Nath Roy Chowdhury was one of them. Narendrapur was named after him.

Narendra Nath Roy Chowdhury built a palatial structure with 360 doors and another Kali Mondir which has sunk into oblivion some time ago. Now, this work of beauty lies uncared for.

The area around the temple needs to be properly bound off so that cattle can't just wander in. People from different parts of the country come to visit this place and yet there are no clear boundary walls. Stray animals are all over the place.

After the downfall of Narendra Roy the temple went under the control of the government. Ever since then the place has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance.

This terracotta structure was built around 1700 as is inscribed on the top of the temple. Most of the red terracotta plaques on this 300-year-old temple have gotten damaged. The roof of the temple is concave, the wall is 3.6 feet thick. It is 60 feet high and has two doors and four windows. This temple has five domes. Cracks have developed on the wall. Shrubs and trees have been growing all over the structure and it has become a shelter for stray animals. The temple has 4 decimals of land but land grabbers have already taken most of it.

Locals said this place could still be used for worship until 1980. It still bears some marks of Hindu goddesses.

Santosh Kumar, president of this temple said this temple of Shiva was the best designed temple in the district, in terms of aesthetics. That it is getting destroyed is a shame.




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