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Editor's Note

Roots and Heritage

This being last issue of Star Insight before Eid, allow us to be first ones this year to wish you Eid Mubarak.

Like any great tale of tragedy, the accounts of the events of Karbala has the ability to evoke, and provoke a vast range of thoughts and emotions. For some it is a time of quiet introspection and spiritual reaffirmations, while for others it is a time for a show of grandiose, sometimes violent, religious fervor. But it is perhaps the tale's ability to unite and rally millions around the globe in deference that demonstrates the true of power of Karbala, and reaffirms its place in the collective Muslim psychic.

Our cover story this week takes us to Manikganj for a play that recreates the fateful events of 10th October, 1960, at the city of Karbala. Another of our articles talks about Gaodia village, made famous as the setting for Manik Bandopadhya's Putul Nacher Itikotha. It is an interesting article that looks at the village and the surrounding areas through the eyes Bandopadhyay's quirky, but all too human characters. And also, did you know that the first books were not printed, but baked? No? Read on.

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