Volume 2 Issue 68 | October 24, 2009 |


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Editor's Note

Spiritual Redemption, Material Triumph

For many of us, the world consists of two interrelated but distinct domains, the material and the spiritual. And while we earn our keep and live our lives in the material sphere, we continue to seek comforts, a sense of purpose, and often times redemption from the spiritual side of things. Redemption is often a central theme in our religious pursuits, and it seems there is always a ready remedy for the moral afflictions of the material world to be found in the spiritual - with a little bit of faith.

This issue's cover story takes us to Khagrachhari, for Danuttum Kathin Chibar Daan, a major Buddhist festival that primarily revolves around this theme of redemption. Also in this issue is a tale of redemption, in a manner of speaking, of the strictly material kind. The story of Rowhsanara's defiance of the evils of poverty, and her eventual triumph, in this issue's She feature, has the ability to inspire as much as any spiritual parable. We also have an article about an artist who has turned nature into his muse, and an article on the plight of Pabna 181 years after its founding.

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