Volume 2 Issue 69 | November 7, 2009 |


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Editor's Note

Finding Our Voice

Amartya Sen writes of voice - the ability to make oneself heard to society - as "a crucial component in the pursuit of social justice" and "the traditional ally of the aggrieved". Yet, even though many remain chronically and criminally unheard, it is not necessarily because they cannot speak. This lack of an audible voice in all corners of society is an endemic that needs to be eradicated if we are to have a society run by discourse and dialogue, and not by the barrel of brute power. Perhaps it is time the silent majority found their voice. Perhaps it is time we refused to play mute.

Our cover story this week is about a group of individuals who found their voice through education. Their tale of triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds certainly has emotional resonance, but it also points to the ability of individuals to move from the mutest sections of the society to its vocal center, given the opportunity. We also have an article of on a group of young entrepreneurs who have found commercial success through duck-farming, and in turn have found stronger voices through this success. And a strong voice might not be the panacea, but at least its a start.

Cover art based on "Dancer" by Henri Matisse

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